Bandon Dunes Trip Cost – Make Sure You Don’t Blow The Budget

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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When visiting the Oregon coast, few words describe the beauty of the landscape. The Pacific Ocean runs along the coast; the rainfall keeps the foliage green and lush. 

From the website, the course designers say, “The mist flew in, hugging the new, opening the old… Bandon Dunes is true to the spirit of Scotland’s ancient links.”

In 2001, they added the Pacific Dunes course, 2005 Bandon Trails, and by 2020 they added the last course of Sheep Ranch.

Man playing golf on a golf course - Bandon Dunes Trip Cost

What is the Average Cost of a Trip to Bandon Dunes?

Let us break this up into three categories: single person, a couple, and a family of four.

Let’s begin with a single occupant who goes twice through a pair of courses. 

On average, it would cost that person about $330 to play through twice, then add a stay at The Inn, which costs $221 on average per night, and since the option is there, add an eighty-minute massage for $170. That would total $721, on average, for that person.

Next, let’s say we have a couple; she surprises him with a honeymoon at this dream golf course. On average, he would die if he saw what it cost to pull this trip off. 

Minus travel, a stay at the Lodge for two days would cost $446. On top of that, add a day pass for him to hit the links, $265, with a massage while he’s out there for $170. $881 in total, minus airfare.

Finally, a family of four has a vacation planned to visit relatives in the Northwest. It just so happens that there is a bit of extra spending money this year, and this might be the only time the family will be up in the Oregon area. 

Promising his wife an eighty-minute massage, the bill starts with $170. Next, you find out that you only have time for two rounds before making the trip to Coos Bay. 

That will cost on average $330, with the cost of a four-bedroom for the night, which on average costs $1,511. The total bill comes to $2,011.


What is Included in a Trip to Bandon Dunes?

The resort offers six golf courses, various lodging options, and three different massage options: Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massages. There is also a hot tub, sauna, and weight room for guests.

The resort also has hiking and walking trails that complement next-level fishing. They offer some of the healthiest populations of steelhead and salmon. 

Guided tours and Deep-Sea charters offer chances at Halibut, Lingcod, and other Pacific sporting fish at Bandon and Coos Bay.


Is the Price of a Trip to Bandon Dunes Worth the Money?

Suppose you can afford the trip, yes. To fish and see the landscapes alone would be worth the price of a stay. Then you add the world-class golf courses designed by golf legends; you have a trip to remember for a lifetime.

Life happens sometimes, and then you must cancel for apparent reasons. This resort offers the “up to the day of arrival” cancellation policy. This will give you the freedom to decide if the trip is worth the money.


How Can you Save Money on a Trip to Bandon Dunes?

There are different prices throughout the year; if you want to save money, the winter months are the cheapest times to visit the golfing resort. More specifically, the November 21st to the end of December is where you will find the prices slashed by at least $100.

That ranges from staying at The Lodge or The Inn, the Grove Cottage, to playing one of the six golf courses. This happens to be best priced from December to January, which is a minimum of $10 less than any other time of year.


When Should you Travel to Bandon Dunes to Lower the Cost?

As mentioned, the best time of year would be to visit during the winter months, from Late November to February. 

This is not just because of the savings at the resort; gas prices are usually lower during this time of year. Therefore, plane tickets or road trip options are more feasible when planning the trip. 


Final Thoughts on the Cost of a Trip to Bandon Dunes

Bandon Dunes was designed by a team of Golf enthusiasts: Mike Keiser, Howard McKee, and David McLay Kidd. The play is world-class and makes experts agree. 

A stay here can be one of those memorable trips that make the New Year of a best friend or become the vacation of a lifetime. Not many resorts are elevated above the Bandon Dunes golf courses. 


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