Best Golf Gloves For Large Hands

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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In general, you can hardly go wrong with a Callaway or Mizuno or Titleist manufactured golf glove, but when it comes to the folks with the big hand talking about Shaquille O’Neal big, there is one brand that you might not think of right away.

However, many players that are up to speed with the sport of Golf will be privy to the benefits of a Footjoy brand golf glove.

Arguably the best in the golfing glove industry, Footjoy offers an enhanced fit with a perfectly tailored fit for those serious golfers with bigger hands, quickly becoming the leader in this part of the market.

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What Size is a Large Golf Glove?

Different companies will have various specifications for the exact sizes of their gloves, differing by millimeters or half inches.

For example, the general golf glove sizing chart states that the large men’s glove will be between twenty-point-one centimeters and twenty-point-seven centimeters.

While for women, the measurements will be smaller at sixteen-point-eight centimeters to seventeen-point-two centimeters.

As alluded to earlier, there will be larger sizes to accommodate players with truly large hands, including sizes much larger than the ones presented in the example above. Exact measurements will have to be conducted on a glove-by-glove basis.


How to Pick the Right Size?

There will be many ways of measuring your hands, tape measurements for one, but there will be two more certain means of picking the right size. First, trial and error will be tedious in some cases but will provide a scientific approach to finding a glove that fits.

The other would be to visit a professional shop or fitter, and there are going to be techniques the shop operators know to find and tailor-fit a pair of gloves for you. Again, companies like TaylorMade built their reputations on such.


What Do You Need to Pay Attention to Before Buying?

The most important thing, and the purpose of having gloves in the first place, is to provide comfort and confidence to the golfer wearing them. A player should be able to step up to the tee box and not even have a single thought of concern about the gloves they are wearing.

Next, the fit. If a stitch does not feel right or a fingertip is too short, it can cause discomfort and potentially blistering, be sure to get gloves that congeal to the player’s hands.

Lastly, do not use damaged gloves during a serious competition. The risk of slippage drastically increases as the fabric loses its integrity.


Which Golf Gloves are the most popular?

The most popular brands are well known to many, but in case you are not privy to this information, below is a short list of the leaders in the golf glove manufacturing industry:


  • Callaway – quality gloves for a budget price in most cases. Women’s gloves are especially tasteful.
  • Footjoy – As mentioned earlier in the article, this brand will be the leader in plus-size golf gloves and has tailor-fit benefits if requested.
  • TaylorMade – A golfing equipment manufacturing leader, quality standard gloves cannot go wrong with a pair of these, especially the women’s selections.
  • Titleist – Another powerhouse golfing equipment manufacturer offering comfortable gloves for even the most callous hands.


Final Thoughts on Best Golf Gloves for Large Hands

Golf gloves are one of those accessories designed to provide the player with additional levels of comfort and confidence, knowing the club will stay secure in its grip.

If you are looking for a pair of gloves, think about what level of play you wish to be at. Casual players will be able to be more flexible with their selection.

As for serious players, the best-fit gloves will come from those fitters that offer swing evaluations. Just ask the next time you go in. If you have larger hands, be sure to investigate Footjoy, the industry leader in providing golfing gloves to the bigger people of the world.

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