Best Golf Gloves for Long Fingers

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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There will be different thoughts and styles when it comes to the types of gloves that will fit folks with long fingers. From the forums, there are going to be a bunch of different ideas, along with some unorthodox solutions.

For instance, if you are not opposed to having half gloves, those kinds will have holes for the longer fingers to poke through.

Most of the issues faced by people with longer fingers will be the gloves either being snug on the fingers and too small for the palm or the palm being too large, but the fingers are short.

Man wearing white sneakers taking a shot on a golf course - Best Golf Gloves for Long Fingers.

How Long Should Golf Gloves be?

The idea behind having golf gloves is to have an addition to the comfort level when swinging a golf club, which means the gloves themselves will have to fit comfortably.

Meaning that the length of the glove will depend on the size needs of the player needing a pair. The designs will fit snugly around the fingers and palm.

On average, men’s gloves will be between eight to ten-point-five inches, while women’s gloves will range between seven and eight-point-five inches, all within the range of Small to XXXXL. Simply put, the longer the fingers, the larger the gloves’ size needs to be.


How Do You Know What size Golf Gloves to Get?

There will be easy ways in which to find the right measurements for your hands, and this will involve simple at-home measurements with a string, or better than that, go to a local pro shop and try out a few of the gloves with a golfing pro on hand.

Also, consider visiting your local retail stores, especially the sporting goods stores with a golfer’s section.

Below is a simple list of gloves sizes that fit with middle finger measurements:


  • Small – six-point-eight, seven, five inches
  • Medium – seven-point-one, two, five inches
  • Large – seven-point-three, seven, five inches
  • X-Large – seven-point-seven, five inches
  • XX-Large – eight inches


Are there Any Sizes for People with Long Fingers?

Yes, there are going to be gloves that will fit and work for just about any finger length. The longer a person’s fingers are, the better fitting gloves will be in the extra large range. The best plan for getting the right fitting gloves will be to have a fitter or try multiple brands.

One forum suggested that men with longer, skinnier hands try wearing a pair of the larger gloves in the women’s section. Another suggestion would be to cut the fingertips out, which will allow for the long finger to fit despite the fingers not being long enough.


Should You Order it Online or Try it in a Store?

Ordering online will be accepted after you have found the right fitting-sized gloves. Ordering from an e-commerce store without knowing your true glove size can lead to a bunch of unnecessary complications and stress.

Purchasing your gloves in person, from a physical storefront or pro shop, will guarantee that the gloves fit right there and then, without needing to ship the gloves back and forth over a period of weeks.

The best places to get your hands on quality glove gloves will be to get them from your local pro shop, second-hand sporting goods stores, or the popular retail outlets that carry golfing equipment.


Top Five Options for People with Long Hands:


  • Buy Larger glove sizes – there is no doubt that a larger glove size will be needed to avoid cramping the fingers and creating an uncomfortable fit.
  • Wear the opposite gender’s gloves – Think about it, if you are a woman with big hands and the slender woman’s gloves won’t fit, buy men’s gloves. Similarly, if a man has slim palms but long fingers, consider wearing larger women’s sizes.
  • Cut finger holes – the holes will allow for a snug palm fit and room for the fingers to comfortably grip the club.
  • Custom-made gloves – Going to a fitter or getting custom-made gloves is always a choice.
  • Go glove-less – Fred Couples is a Tournament Pro and champion who has never worn or needed to wear gloves when competing.


Final Thoughts on Best Golf Gloves for Long Fingers 

Golfing is a sport that takes place both on the course and in the mind as well. Whenever you can find an element to make yourself more comfortable with each shot, you should investigate it.

Gloves are an accessory that makes gripping the club and swinging it a little easier, plus they will protect the hand from any abrasions that cause blistering cuts.

Does a player need gloves? No, but they sure do come in handy on a hot day when your hands are getting sweaty and the club begins to slip and slide within your grip.

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