Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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There are some products that players can attest to being crafted by the best of golfing minds; Titleist went out and found a legend in Bob Vokey and gave him the resources needed to produce top-of-the-line wedges.

He has done so since 2004, and the golfing world is grateful for it.

Bombtech has a reputation for creating some of the furthest driving clubs in the business; after breaking club after club and pushing the limits of distance off the tee, the engineering team developed a beast of a driver.

Their wedges, on the other hand, could be a better product.

Man wearing red t shirt and black shorts is taking shot in a green golf course - Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey.

Which One is More Popular?

There is no comparison between the quality of wedges that come from the Bob Vokey studios at Titleist and the Bombtech wedges.

However, if you are looking to grab a cheap set of clubs that have a long-distance driver, then shopping through the Bombtech store will be an option.

As far as popularity is concerned, Vokey wedges have been around since 2004 and have been a staple in the golfing community for the entirety of the project.

The popularity ranges from international competitions to recreational golf courses found in almost every neighborhood.


Which Has Better Quality?

This is a simple answer: Bombtech golf set out to produce a driver that could push the ball down the fairway—becoming a game-changing club that pushes a player closer to the green and allows the golfer to get to the scoring wedges quicker.

Unfortunately, as far as their wedges are concerned, the golfing community has not embraced their feeling quite like the driver.

The Bob Vokey-design wedges are one of, if not the, best clubs ever made. Tour pro embraces these clubs like no other, evidence being that on any given week, around forty percent of sand and approach wedges will be of Vokey design.


Pros and Cons: Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

There are few clubs with the quality of a Vokey wedge, and the only issue is having enough money to buy a complete set or replace one bent. The overwhelming pro would have a Vokey wedge, and there is no other club with the reputation these Titleist brand clubs carry.

Bombtech wedges, for lack of being comparable to a Titleist Vokey design wedge, are very affordable. They may not strike like a professional club, but they are still worth a try.


Price Range: Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

There will be a difference between these two golf club brands; starting a set of Bombtech wedges will not cost more than hundred or one hundred and fifty dollars in total. These brand clubs are not in the highest demand and have yet to gain a reputation to bank on.

On the other hand, Vokey will have a single fifty-degree wedge go for nearly three hundred and fifty dollars but then have another wedge that goes for eighty dollars. There are only a few clubs on the auction sites below the price of twenty-five dollars.


Final Verdict on Bombtech Wedges vs. Vokey

This is a relatively simple comparison, and the Vokey-design wedges by Titleist will be the best quality that could be asked for.

Bob Vokey has been doing a superb job since the 2004 inception of Vokey Design Wedges, and the Pro tour has responded in an overwhelming fashion.

The Bombtech set of wedges is not Vokey wedges, but that should not deter a player from testing out an affordable set with nothing to lose.

You might find a wedge that hits the ball in a particular way that gets around that damned tree that always seems to be in the way on eight.

Though this was not a fair comparison by any means, these two sets of clubs are on the opposite spectrum of the quality scale. Bombtech wedges are cheap and a good bargain for the casual golfer looking to try something different.

As for the Bob Vokey-design wedges, there is nothing else in the industry to compare, and each wedge is worth, even beat up, at least twenty-five dollars on the auction websites. That goes to show the respect the game shows for the Vokey design.

After all, the choice comes down to the golfer and what their needs are for short-game approaches.

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