Can Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons be bent?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Bending a golf club is done by a machine to change the angle of the club. Research has said there is nothing better than information from the source or horse’s mouth. JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons can be adjusted from Mizuno to plus or minus three degrees.

A lie adjustment or bending of the club will, in effect, change the ball flight to either have a higher loft or less, depending on what is needed for the situation. Again, most experts agree that this should be done by a professional or manufacturer.


Man in blue polo taking a shot at a golf course - Can Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons be bent?

How Much Can You Adjust it For?

When discussing how much it costs to bend a club, most fitters or professionals would estimate the cost would be between five and twenty dollars per club. 

But, of course, this price is through the golfing or sporting retailer, even if the clubs are to be sent back to Mizuno to complete the adjustment.

As for how much the angle can be adjusted, this can be done between negative three and positive three degrees. But, of course, taking enough reps at the range or on the course will take time to adjust to because of the new bend and loft angle.


How To Do It?

Getting a bend done on a golf club will need one of two things, or both, if so chosen, to have a machine. The higher quality machines will be expensive, but there are lower cost value bending units that sell for about one hundred and ninety dollars or more.  

Then you can do it from home when you like. Otherwise, the best course of action is to either take it to a retail store and have the experts there or the professionals back at the manufacturer complete the adjustment. 

Otherwise, a country club or range pro might have the tools to create the correct bend.


How Much Does it Cost to Bend Irons?

As mentioned before, this cost is relative to the process in which a player would like to have the bend operation completed. A homeowner looking to procure a machine, learn how to use it, and make the bend adjustments will spend hundreds of dollars.  

A golfer who uses a country club pro, range pro, or retail expert will send more or less than five to twenty dollars a club. That is all agreed upon through the customer player and the pro or store willing to take the work and make the bend happen.


Can you Bend your Irons More than Once?

As with any metal, the more you bend it back and forth, the less rigid it becomes and the easier it will break when put under duress or struck against another object, including golf swing actions. So the answer is yes, but not recommended.

Golf clubs have a high range of pressure and force when a golf swing is executed through impact to follow through. The flexibility of the shaft, the solid striking off the club face, and the ball response after the swing all depend on how the iron holds up.

If a single divot changes the club face angle and may cause execution issues when used on the course.


What Difference Does One Degree Make?

An algorithm or equation will calculate the difference a single degree can make in a golfing game. For more standard cases, a single-degree change can flatten or add loft to a shot resulting in a four-yard difference.  

After that, a person’s individual abilities become the center of effect as the angle will help or hinder a player depending on physical attributes and skills. 

Such are the ways of the game of golf; it comes down to the player’s dedication, skill, and training, along with how well the golfer can prep and obtain the best equipment.


Final Thoughts on Can Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal Irons be bent

Mizuno JPX Hot Metal irons allow for a bend of plus or minus three degrees, which can be done for around five to twenty dollars a pop. This is all done by a machine built to bend clubs within a single degree of accuracy.

 As with any major purchase, take the time to research, consult experts and pros, and even consider getting a professional club fitting before jumping into a club. 

Then, at least with a proper swing evaluation, a player or golfer will have the correct supporting data to make such a bold adjustment to their irons. 

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