Can You Use Baseball Batting Gloves For Golf?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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When it comes to the reason for wearing gloves while golfing, they are primarily for maintaining a grip on the club but also to protect the player’s hands from blisters and other friction-caused injuries.

Baseball gloves are designed to have padding on parts of the hand to reduce the impact of hitting a high-velocity baseball.

Golfing gloves are tuned to be more lightweight in design with an emphasis on grip and breathability; yes, you could wear batting gloves if you wanted, but there is the chance of sweating issues and grip issues because of the padded areas.

Man wearing grey golf shorts taking a shot - Can You Use Baseball Batting Gloves For Golf?

Can You Use Any Gloves for Golf?

In general, a player can use just about any form of a glove, including not wearing any. That being said, in competition, there will be limitations on the type of gloves that can be used during PGA tournaments and many other minor competitions.

Another thing to consider when using other kinds of gloves would be the design behind them, and golf gloves are specifically designed to help the hand grip golf equipment and maintain the best environment for the player’s hands.

Of course, you can wear any type of glove you want, but the fact is that using golf gloves will be the preferred gloves to use, in general.


Are Baseball Gloves a Good Choice for Amateur Golfers?

If you are a beginner with no baseball background, it will be recommended to start with the sport-specific gloves.

Now baseball players will have a comfort zone when it comes to the feel of the gloves worn on the diamond, and it would be a good choice to go with comfort and confidence.

Amateur golfers will be on two directional paths when it comes to where they go from there, and many will stay at this level because of a drive to have fun out on the course, but not too seriously.

The others strive to become the best player they can, even becoming professional tour players, which will ultimately require them to switch to Golfing with appropriate equipment.


What are the Differences?

The difference between a pair of baseball gloves and golfing gloves will be primarily padding but also the design behind the stitching.

Baseball gloves are designed to reduce the impact of hitting a baseball at high velocity, fit under a player’s leather mitt, provide grip, and protect the hand from injury.

Golfing gloves will also be designed to provide a better grip and be lightweight and porous to prevent sweating or other discomforts that could distract a player mid-stroke.

Golfing gloves are primarily fitted with leather. With few exceptions, baseball is more liberal with the materials they use.


Is using Baseball Batting Gloves in Golf common?

To be straightforward, there are going to be many amateurs that will be caught using baseball gloves because they double-purpose them.

In other words, the soft-pitch team is having a weekend out on the local golf course and decided to use their softball gloves instead of spending the money on a golfing pair when they hardly golf.

This occurrence happens more often than you would think. Most amateurs are not the wealthiest and will use what they can, performing with a casual approach more often than not.


Will Baseball gloves protect you from blisters?

This is a certain yes. Baseball batting gloves are designed to protect the hand from heat and friction damage that can result from swinging an elongated object, such as a bat or club.

This will not, however, protect you from all blistering conditions, such as sweating palms creating soft skin tissue and the potential of blistering.

The more assured way to prevent blistering will be to purchase breathable leather golf gloves and to take them off occasionally to keep hands dry.

Eighteen holes will take anywhere between two to four hours, depending on the pairings and the number of players in the group.


Final Thoughts on Can You Use Baseball Batting Gloves for Golf

Golf is a flexible game, and it fits players of all skill levels and ambitions; Some play the game with casualness, out there to have fun more than the competition. Some play, get good, and push themselves to see how good they can be.

The casual man will want to save money where they can. Using baseball gloves will not harm the clubs but will lend a risk of blistering because of hand sweating and friction.

It will be better to golf without gloves, in most cases, or to purchase a cheap pair at the course pro shop.

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