Do Any Pros Use Center Shaft Putters?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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First, a little about the center shaft putter, which, just like it sounds, is where the shaft attaches to the club head in the center, behind the sweet spot of the club face.

To answer the question, many pros prefer the center shaft in contrast to the Offset or Heel shafted putters, but the most popular would be the heel-shaft clubs.

According to Jim Furyk, center shafted putters benefit the player by providing added control, reduced twisting action, a smoother straight-back-straight-through putting stroke, and a design that aids right-hand dominant players of players on tour and out on the golf course.

Yellow and Green putters lying down - Do Any Pros Use Center Shaft Putters?

What Putter is Used Most by Pros?

The most popular putter brand is the Odyssey, which has about forty-four tour players in its bag—followed closely by Titleist’s front man Scotty Cameron’s putters, two of which thirty-four current players use in competitive play.

Otherwise, most tour pros prefer the heel-shafted putters at current, which is open to seeing the ball.

However, the same source states that even though most pick the heel-shafted, plenty of tour pros use center-shafted putters because of the ability to line up the shot better with the shaft directly behind the ball.


Why do People use Center-Shafted Putters?

The best reason to have a center-shafted golf club would be to have a point of reference to line up a shot with, as the shaft lines up directly behind the sweet spot of the putter.

This, in turn, makes it easier to visualize the ball’s trajectory with  straight-back-straight-forward motion.

Physics-wise, the center-shafted putter has a direct force applied to the ball, making it easier to strike the ball straight and execute a rolling end-over-end roll without spin.

In addition, concerning a pendulum-type swing, the center-shafted putter will be advantageous for taller or standing over the putter stances.


Are Center-Shafted Putters Less Forgiving?

The thing about center-shafted putters is that they like to be above the ball, take straight back, and swing forward through the ball swings. After much digging, heel-shafted or toe-shafted putters are more forgiving than their center-positioned counterparts.

Also, consider if you are a straight-back and straight-through-the-ball type putter or have more of an arc technique when it comes to putting. The heel-shafted club will allow the golfer to add a certain amount of spin and arch onto the ball.

Therefore, no; center-shafted putters are not less forgiving than offset, heel, or toe-shafted clubs.


Is the Center-Shafted Putter’s face Balanced?

The balance factor for the center-shafted putters would be balanced because the point of impact is supported by the direct application of force delivered by the swing.

Therefore, after much practice, a player will have the ability to hit the ball straight and genuinely get the most out of this type of club.

These putters’ faces are usually symmetrically balanced, with the center point of the club face lining up directly with where the shaft attaches. This contrasts with the heel-shafted or offsets varieties of clubs designed to have spin and arch on their shots.


What are the Flaws of Center Shaft Putters?

Though there are a few flaws when needing a traditional putter, a typical straight-back and straightforward swinging player will execute. Though when a player does miss the center, the club can be extremely unforgiving and go off aim when the ball is struck using the heel or toe of the club face.

The only other flaw would be the inability of the putting golfer to place a spin on the ball and give arch on the put, when necessary, on the green. Plus, most PGA tour pros use the heel-shafted putters because of the forgiveness provided by the club type.


Final Thoughts on Do any Pros use Center Shaft Putters

Very few things are considered flaws in the center-balanced “center-shafted” putter.

However, if you are considering getting a new putter for the bag, consider what situations you will need this putter in and if the straight-back and short swing will apply for said situation.

If so, you and around thirty or so PGA tour pros alike. It provides a solid point of contact with the force of the swing directing the impact to behind the putter’s sweet spot and through the ball in a straightforward fashion.

The biggest name using these types of putters would be Scotty Cameron.

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