Do Mizuno Wedges Rust?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Mizuno Wedges are known across the golfing community for being reliable clubs with sleek and appealing designs. You can get Mizuno wedges in three different finishes, copper, satin chrome, and raw.

The finish that will rust over time is the raw finish. Without the exterior coating, it will rust over time, but many Mizuno players prefer this look. The rust will not affect your ability to play.

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Why Does This Happen?

Rust can happen naturally over time to any wedge.

First, you hit the ball, the impact potentially causing harm to the finish over time, then you clean the wedge, or even when you play in wet conditions like rain, and you store the wedge damp, then rust can form on the surface regardless of how well the wedge is finished.

Mizuno wedges with raw finish rust over time, and many golfers prefer this look. Players who prefer rusted wedges claim that a chrome-plated wedge makes it easier to lose control of the ball, especially in wet conditions.

A rusted face has a better grip, and the ball won’t slide up the surface on impact.


Which Mizuno Wedges will Rust Sooner?

There are three finishes to choose from when it comes to Mizuno Wedges. The finish that will rust the fastest is the raw finish. Without a copper or chrome finish, the raw wedge will rust quickly because there is less to protect it from the elements.

Rust will form on the face of the wedge over time as long as it is exposed to any kind of moisture. It is impossible to avoid water altogether when golfing because it is an outdoor sport. There will always be a risk of exposure to water.


Can You Prevent Rust from Happening?

Avoiding moisture is the key to preventing your wedges from rusting. Some things you can do to avoid rust on the face of your wedge include wiping it off with a dry towel after every use, storing it in a room in your home that has little to no humidity.

And checking the wedge when you get home to ensure that all of the moisture has been removed or dried before you store your wedge. If you are trying to avoid rust on your wedge, you must ensure that it remains dry.


How to Maintain the Wedges?

All you need to remember to maintain your wedge correctly is to keep the grooves clean and the surface completely dry. If you want to keep the finish of your wedge pristine, ensure you take good care to dry your wedges after every use.

If you are looking to purchase a new wedge and hoping to prolong the life of the finish, you should opt for one of the Mizuno finishes that is not raw. Copper or chrome would be a better fit for your needs.


Can You Get Rid of Rust on Wedges?

Removing the rust from your wedge is possible if you no longer wish to use a rusted wedge. You can soak your wedge in a bucket of hot water mixed with dawn dish soap for about five minutes.

Once removed, you can use a soft cloth to wipe the rust away. If the rust has burrowed deeper into the metal grooves, you can use a soft toothbrush to scrub the remaining rust. This process should bring your wedge close to a good-as-new state.


Final Thoughts on Do Mizuno Wedges Rust

It is possible that any wedge you use could rust over time. Some golfers prefer a rusted wedge because it could provide a better grip on the ball in rainy conditions. It comes naturally when metal is constantly exposed to moisture.

If you want to avoid rust, you must ensure you keep your wedge as dry as possible. You can maintain your wedge by keeping it clean and dry. Store your wedge in a room that will also keep it safe from consistent humidity.

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