Do You Wear A Golf Glove When Putting On Green?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Traditionally the golf glove is for those who are about to tee off. However, due to the ergonomics of the golf swing and the need for a solid grip, players will wear one on the offhand.

In contrast, when putting on the green, a golfer will want to have a better feel when holding their putter because of the additional level of precision needed.

Wearing a glove when putting is not a popular view, even though legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus won eighteen major PGA tournaments putting with a glove on. But, then again, Fred Couples did not even bother wearing gloves at all.

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Should You Wear a Golf Glove for Every shot?

There is no rule that states a player must wear gloves on the course or during tournament play. That being said, the point of the glove is to help prevent blistering and other friction-caused injuries to the golfer’s hands.

Think about this also, when in the Tee box and about to drive off, having the confidence in knowing you have a sure grip can only put the player into the right mindset.

Not to mention, over the course of a PGA season, there will be hundreds and hundreds of swings performed. Having a glove there to provide a barrier between hand and equipment can keep the blister-free golfer in the game.


Why Don’t Golfers Wear Gloves When Putting?

The main reason is because of control and feeling.

When the palm is exposed, there is a different level of sensory information that can be utilized, and since the putting stroke is smoother and less jerky when compared to a drive, this means there is no need to protect against blistering.

Others follow traditional rules, leaving other clubs off the green and only allowing the putter to grace the short grass, which includes removing the gloves during a put.

As technology evolves and innovations come to the golfing industry’s forefront, new grips might make gloves obsolete.


Is Putting it Harder with a Glove?

There are going to be separate opinions when it comes to the utilization of a golf glove when putting, and many players prefer to take them off when using the putter to get a better feel for the putt.

In addition, greens will have changing slopes and degrees, which elevates the level of precision needed, meaning that players will look for edges, and sensory information can be that edge.

Touch is a term used in sports very often. For example, shooters in basketball are complimented for having nice touch on the ball, and the same can be applied to the putt. Being a good putter takes a certain level of finesse but also a feel for how the ball will roll.


Can a Glove Help You while Putting it on?

When you ask certain players, they will always prefer to have a golfing glove on, as mentioned earlier in the article. Jack Nicklaus was known to putt with a glove on, vowing to keep the conditions for the offhand the same no matter the stroke.

Therefore, the best way to put this will be to say it depends on the comfort level of the golfer, and each player will have different preferences that provide confidence in their play. In short, yes, in certain cases wearing a glove could improve a player’s ability to putt more effectively.


What are some Disadvantages of Gloves?

There are going to be a few disadvantages when it comes to having gloves on. In some cases, the gloves will lose the snug fit after a few rounds, which will change the effectiveness of a swing.

In addition, a worn-out pair of gloves can cause blistering, especially when burning through holes, leaving hot friction spots exposed to the skin.

Another disadvantage can be the sweating effect. If you keep your gloves on throughout a round, there will inevitably be sweating. This can cause the gloves to become crusty after use and need to be replaced at an expensive rate.


Final Thoughts on Do you wear a Golf Glove when Putting on Green

There are not many reasons beyond the need for blister protection and grip improvement for a golfer to wear a glove.

Traditionally worn on the offhand, the golfing glove was designed to make the game easier to play along with preventing injuries that keep players from one of their favorite activities.

Know this, and you do not need to wear gloves. No rules make a player wear them, but if you want to get an edge in this game, sometimes it comes down to equipment, possibly even the level of comfort and confidence a good pair of gloves can deliver.

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