G410 SFT vs. Plus

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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With the PING G410 sft, there are a few upgrades in the clubhead styling and the ability to change the loft by a few degrees customizing the golfer’s experience.

In addition, the distances from the G410 are much better, and the ball flies further because of the aerodynamic design and other added technologies.

The difference between the G410 sft and the plus is the forgiving feel off the tee and design changes to reduce twisting. This will reduce the punishment from a miss hit to the point no other driver has reached.

Man in white shirt took a shot on a golf course - G410 SFT vs. Plus.

Which One is More Popular?

The truth is that the plus is far more popular than the sft. When looking into the golfing community’s reviews and opinions, there are more than play and use the Plus driver.

It provides a much better moment of impact; forgiveness is top of the market, limiting the effect of heel or toe strikes.

There needs to be more information about the sft version of the G410; perhaps it has become obsolete after a few years. However, the plus adds CG adjustments, a new forged face, and loft adjustments that are leaps and bounds better than the STF.


Which One is Better for Beginners?

This will be the sft; let me explain, when a player is just starting out, there is a period of scientific learning that goes into it, which requires a standard or scientific control.

In this case, this would be the fundamental PING G410 driver without the CG play or the loft adjustments that professionals will know how to utilize.

Yes, the plus is the better overall Driver, but the features are for the more experienced players that have played for a while and are looking to fix parts of their swing which will help the overall game to improve.


Pros and Cons: g410 sft vs. plus

There is a logical way to look at these two driver options, and the sft will be a good starting driver for those who want quality without bells and whistles.

On the other hand, the plus is by far the better Driver, and any intermediate or advanced player will want to avoid settling for the sft.

The pros for the plus are in the CG and loft adjustments and the incredible improvements to the forgiveness and explosion of the moment of impact when driving off the tee. The con might be that the adjustments can be overwhelming for an amateur.


Price Range: g410 sft vs. plus

The G410 sft is not widely available online, but there are quite a few on the auction block site, and they range from just below two hundred dollars, and there has yet to be an sft driver over the price of four hundred dollars.

This might be because players start standard, then upgrade at some point.

The PING G410 Plus has a slightly higher range than the sft, the bottom price in the range sits at two hundred dollars, and the upper end of the price spectrum is in the four to five hundred dollars range.


Final Verdict: g410 sft vs. plus

PING is known for its durability and has recently been on top of its game regarding technological advances. This comes through best when it comes to the G410 plus Driver.

It would be wiser for a beginner to start with the sft and save the adjustments for the professionals.

Otherwise, if you have been playing for a few years and have begun to notice certain aspects of your swing that need to be addressed, that is where the plus comes in, allowing adjustments to correct the draw and fade in anyone’s swing.


Final Thoughts on g410 sft vs. Plus

PING is one of those companies that will keep surprising you with their passionate pursuit of the highest tech gear you can manufacture. Each line of Driver, each set of irons and wedges continue to impress and excite the Golfing world.

The PING G410 plus Driver is one of those monuments to technological achievement and advancement.

The CG backweight can, in effect, correct those minor flaws that come with a particular player’s swing, and with the new forged club face, even missed hits off the heel or toe will fly very far off course.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player, the plus driver will be a treat, but beginners, please be patient and there is time to learn the game before getting ahead of yourself.

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