How Far Should You Hit A 56

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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When playing a sand wedge, from the fairway or on a short par three, an intermediate golfer, on average, will hit the ball around eighty to one hundred and ten yards.

However, a professional will be more precise and look to stick a shot between the ranges of one hundred and ten to one hundred and twenty yards.

Those two ranges are a good guidance tool to measure your game against when it comes to practicing at the driving range to get maximum range practice.

These ranges are not set in stone distances; many golfers use the sand wedge or fifty-six wedges for chip on the green shots.

A golf iron touching a golf ball on green grass - How Far Should You Hit A 56

What is a 56-degree Wedge Used for?

A short iron with a fifty-six-degree angle club face is used to escape golf course hazards, and the name sand wedge comes from the club’s primary purpose: to escape sand traps.

There is also how advanced players use the club to make those precise short-game shots.

Advanced and professional golfers will also use the clubs to get a certain amount of spin on the ball, to get over taller hazards with loft shots, and use that spin or loft to adapt to how the green will read.

In addition, certain golf shots require placement on the green to utilize the slopes to create a putting advantage.


Is a 56-degree Wedge Suitable for Chipping?

Yes, chipping with a fifty-six-degree club is considered one of the best choices a golfer can make. One reason for this is the clubface control which helps prevent the dreaded “hook” or “slice” shots that torments most players.

Plus, the club’s versatility makes it ideal for the fairway and the high grass hazards, sand traps, and any other trouble you may get into on the golf course.

Taking this club with you for eighteen is an intelligent choice; this club is known to be a favorite of most players for short-game shots and chipping.


What’s the Average Distance a Golfer Hits their 56 Wedges?

As before, the average intermediate will hit the ball around seventy-five to around one hundred and ten yards. An advanced or professional golfer would make a more accurate shot and max out around one hundred fifteen yards.

The averages are about driving longer distances for practice; these shot distances will vary regarding on-the-course shots. This is because of the short game shots, hazard shots, and chip shots that will occur throughout the eighteen holes.

Most of these shots will be under the one-hundred-yard range. Making average shot data harder to compile than, say, a maxed driving range average.


Simple Tricks that will Make you Hit like a Pro

From a PGA-certified trainer, here are a few pointers to think about for beginners:


  • When driving off the tee, a player should shift the ball closer to the front foot
  • Feet should be shoulder-width apart and bend the knees slightly
  • A pre-shot routine can help focus the mind and relax the body
  • Release tension on the arms and shoulder, and keep them loose to help create a pendulum
  • Do not sway; stand tall and firm
  • Keep your head still on the ball.
  • Swing through the ball and follow through with each stroke


Common Mistakes to Avoid

Below is a list of common mistakes that players make and briefly how to avoid them on the golf course:


  • Avoid mental mistakes by focusing on tempo, staying loose and relaxed, and keeping calm.
  • Avoid disappointment by using expectation management, focusing on the next stroke, and the flag on the green.
  • Avoid stress and frustration by enjoying the game; it was created for play.
  • Avoid shot mistakes by remembering the tips as aforementioned above, and have a pre-shot routine
  • Avoid breaking regulations by studying each course’s rulebooks and learning each hole’s layouts, hazard locations, fairway and green slopes, and course landscaping.


Final Thoughts on How Far should you Hit a 56

The fifty-six-degree wedge is a utility club when selecting what will go in your bag. You, the player, will be able to chip onto the green, work out of hazards, and even land a beautiful shot onto the green from a hundred yards out.

There are simple tricks and techniques to keep your shots straight and true. Remember the tips above, keep your mind focused and relaxed, and most importantly, enjoy the game.

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