How Heavy Should a Putter Head Be?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Every golfer prefers their putters to be weighted based on their preferences. A standard putter head weighs 300 grams. Anything more than this is considered a heavy putter.

Most golfers should generally use a heavier putter head if they golf on larger, slower greens and a lighter putter head when golfing on fast greens.

However, every golfer has different preferences and can use any putter head on any green as long as they are comfortable with it.

A putter head near a golf ball - How Heavy Should a Putter Head Be?

Is it Better to Have a Heavier or a Lighter Putter?

Having a heavier or lighter putter is not necessarily better or worse. It comes down to personal preference. Every golfer has a different preference for how heavy their putter head should be.

You might want a heavier putter golfing on longer and slower greens. If you plan to golf on faster greens, it might be better to have a lighter putter. It might not matter at all which green you are golfing on.

If you are comfortable with the putter you are using, it should not matter which green you are on.


What Happens if You Add Weight to the Toe of Your Putter?

Putting weight in either the heel or the toe of your putter affects the spin of your golf ball. Putting weight on the toe of your putter will cause a decrease in the hook spin. Hook shots result in a noticeable left-to-right curving of a ball’s flight.

Hook shots can be used in play intentionally but are usually a result of a mis-hit. If you want to deliberately decrease the hook spin of your shot, then you might want to consider using a putter with weight in the toe.


When Should You Use Heavier Putter Head?

You should use a heavier putter head if you play on a long, slower range. It is more difficult to control the direction of a ball with a lighter weighted putter head.

A heavier putter head can also help you to make a smoother stroke because it makes the putter feel more like a pendulum. You will likely have an easier time feeling like your swing is smooth because of the extra weight of your putter.

The most common weight for a putter is 300 grams, but you can find up to 400 grams.


How Many Grams Should I Add to my putter?

You can add weight to your putter by adding a four-inch strip of lead tape. This will add the equivalent of one swing weight point to your putter. The amount of weight you should add depends on how much you want to affect the feel of your putter.

You should ensure you are using a putter weighted to your specific preferences. For example, it would be best if you only used a putter that feels comfortable to you.

If your putter is too light or heavy, you might not feel as comfortable using it when you are playing golf.


Should You Hover Your Putter?

If you are resting your putter on the ground, you can secure your position behind the ball. Hovering your putter can compromise your ability to stabilize your position behind the ball. You should avoid hovering over your putter if you can.

You can try bouncing the putter behind the ball if you need to compromise. If you can swing the putter and hit the ball without hovering the putter beforehand, you should try to secure your position behind the ball.


Final Thoughts on How Heavy Should a Putter Head Be

A weighted putter can affect your game depending on what you want out of your stroke as a golfer. More weight can make it easier to control the direction of the golf ball, and less weight might make it more difficult.

You will want to use a heavier putter if you are on a slower and a lighter putter on a faster range. However, it is essential to remember that you need to be comfortable with the putter you are using.

Weight is entirely up to preference, and every golfer might have a different perspective on what kind of putter is best in any situation.

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