How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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The conditions in which a player will need to replace their gloves all depend on the frequency in which they play, along with what level, the quality in which the glove is made, the materials, and other elements.

Gloves, on average, last between eight and ten rounds, especially for those requiring the perfect grip for professional-level competitions.

PGA tour players will replace their gloves more frequently than, say, a player who only plays on occasion, and casual players do not require the precise execution a professional does to win a tournament. Some players have gloves that last for years.

Person wearing a golf glove and black shorts taking a shot - How Long Do Golf Gloves Last?

What is the Average Span for Amateurs?

As briefly touched upon above, the amateurs’ requirements will be less strict, especially compared to professional golfers’ needs.

When competing with the best in the world, every shot and every bounce counts, the level of precision required to win maxes out a player’s capabilities and leaves no time for thinking about one’s gloves.

As for the amateur, a good pair of gloves can last a season or a few years, depending on the quality of the make and the number of times a golfer goes out to play. But, on average, a replacement will be needed after ten rounds of golf.


Which Material is the Most Durable?

The most proven material in sports, when it comes to sporting gloves, is genuine leather.

For example, baseball and Softball athletes use leather for their fielding gloves but also for their batting gloves, all in an effort to prevent injury during the marathon that is the MLB regular season.

When it comes to golfing gloves, the same conditions apply, leather provides the best protection against blistering, but with the rise of synthetic materials, there is competition for leather gloves.

However, the durability of the materials is fairly equal, and the differences really do come down to the individual player and how their natural ergonomics affect the gloves’ wear patterns.


How Should You Maintain Your Gloves?

There are going to be simple ways for golfers to maintain and keep their gloves for longer. Storing them in a safe place with the finger extended and not in a ball will be good.

Another tip is to keep them from getting crusty, which can be achieved in many ways, but one solid technique will be to wet your gloves before storing and working the leather.

Other materials will need less maintenance than leather but remember to keep them in a safe space free from moisture and to keep the fingers straight and not bunched up.


What Causes the Glove to Wear out?

The main cause of wear will be the friction caused by every swing taken by a golfer, heat from that exchange, and the weather outside, along with moisture damage and abrasions caused by dirt or sand.

There are many ways and reasons for a pair of golf gloves to wear down, holes to form, and other damages to occur during the course of play.

As all are privy to, time is the main cause for a glove to wear out. Over time things break down, and golf glove materials are no exception. Unfortunately, there is only so much a player can do to extend the life of their golfing equipment.


How Can You Tell If It’s Time to Change it?

The first tell of a golf glove needing to be replaced will be the thinning of the materials and the development of holes, but first comes the hardening of the fingers.

Athletes have all experienced a point where their leather gloves become rigid and uncomfortable, which can lead to cracking and peeling.

The next obvious sign that your gloves need to be replaced is the presence of hurtful abrasions and blisters forming after a round of play.

This is why most professionals will not wait for these conditions to occur, instead vowing for the future planning of changing out gloves every five to ten rounds of golf played.


Final Thoughts on How long do Golf Gloves last

The last thing a player wants is to injure themselves, which will prevent them from competing at their best or at all.

This is why, as mentioned above, PGA tour players will change their gloves more frequently in order to avoid any chance of injury, which would remove them from the game they love to play.

When you think about your play, think about what level of the game you want to reach, then go get it. On the topic of leather gloves, be sure to change them regularly and donate your used pair in bunches to secondhand stores and thrift stores.

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