How Much Does A Decent Putter Cost?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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This is a multidimensional question, which we will start by answering. The general average price for a decent brand-new putter will be about one hundred and thirty dollars.

Those advanced to professional level players will know that forty percent of the score depends on the putting game, to which pushing that number up to three to four hundred dollars for a ‘decent’ tournament-ready putter.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, a budget-conscious golfer will have to scout the local sporting goods outlets and online auction sites to find the gems amongst the discarded and preowned.

A putter almost hitting a golf ball - How Much Does A Decent Putter Cost?

How Much is an Average Golf Putter?

Out of all the clubs in the golf bag, the putter is the one that will vary the most in price. Therefore, pinning an average price range will require splitting the averages into professional and casual golfer price ranges.

The casual golfer, meaning nonprofessional or tournament players, will be looking at an average price range of one hundred to one hundred fifty dollars.

The professionals, PGA tour players, will be looking at a price tag in the two hundred to around four-hundred-dollar range to get the putter that will perform come tournament day.


Is it worth Buying an Expensive Putter?

It is true that every club will have a role to play when out on the golf course, but none have the impact of the putter. Forty percent of a player’s score will depend on the golfer’s ability to putt once reaching the green and therefore makes it the most important club in the bag.

To make it obvious, there is going to be a need for a putter that fits the golfer’s play style, or there may never be a chance for success on the course. Simply put, there is going to be a particular value to having a high-quality putter.


How Much Difference Does a Good Putter make?

Let’s take three golfers on a par four to put it into perspective. The first gets out the farthest with a big drive, followed by a solid strike getting onto the green.

The second golfer will play will more finesse but reaches the green within three strokes, playing a conservative game. The third barely makes it in three after suffering a horrible drive, and to make things worse, two putts the hole for a +1 for the hole.

The first golfer is a horrible putter and proceeds to prove it by three-putting the hole, wasting a beautiful drive and wedge shot to get on, and getting a +1.

Then, leaving room for the second golfer, who happens to be an excellent putter, needs only one putt and leaves the hole with a par.


How do you Know What Putter is Right for You?

There are multiple tried and true ways to get the right putter for a golfer, the most popular happens to be a scientific trial-and-error method where a player buys a club to try out during the next eighteen with the crew.

Unfortunately, this is by far the least effective, most expensive, and most likely to lead to frustration rather than enjoyment.

Most around the golfing industry will tell you that the proper thing to do will be to get a professional fitting done to find the perfectly balanced putter for your golf bag.


Five Best Cheap Putters in 2022

There will be golfing industry brand names that folks outside of the sport will recognize, but the real savvy experts will have knowledge of the newer companies and underground developers that have new-age technology that could revolutionize the sport.

For this article’s purposes, below is a list of five cheaper putters (under one hundred dollars) that will provide a quality job for the casual golfer:


  • Forty-dollar – Tour Edge Golf HP series Nickel 05 Putter
  • Forty-dollar – Pinemeadow Golf PGX putter
  • Fifty-five dollar – MacGregor Golf Mactec 01 Blade putter
  • One hundred dollar – Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #1 Golf Putter
  • One hundred dollar – Wilson Golf infinite Windy City putter


Final Thoughts on How Much does a Decent Putter Cost

For the beginner, finding clubs should start in the secondhand store and even the thrift store; this will allow for a player to later appreciate the excellent clubs and technological upgrades when it is time to upgrade.

Not all quality clubs will be expensive, and there are going to be some lesser-known club manufacturers that offer professional-level quality for a lower budget price. I just need to know where to look.

As for the upper-level players, looking at and finding a putter that fits your play and body style will make a massive difference when playing eighteen. For example, a one-putt player will find success, whereas two-plus putters will fail.

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