How tall should you be for a 33-inch putter?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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As a rule of thumb, a player six foot or taller in the golfing world would want to use a putter thirty-five inches or more. Those between five foot nine inches and six foot tall would use a thirty-four-inch putter.

To answer the question, a thirty-three-inch putter will fit golfers between five feet six inches and five feet nine inches. 

But, a fun fact, players taller than six foot four inches and under five foot six inches are suggested to get a custom-fit putter to have the best experience possible.

Woman with a putter measuring before taking a shot - How tall should you be for a 33-inch putter?

Who Should Use a Thirty-three-inch Putter?

Let us step back and look at this from a distance; the standard length of a putter is thirty-four inches. Most players unknowingly put with this length of putter and will have no issues doing so.

More advanced players will be looking for a perfect fit; first, think about putting it like it was a pendulum stroke. The putter should swing freely from the shoulders hanging loosely; if you end up bumping the ground on your putts, the club is too long.

If you find that you are topping the ball upon making an impact with it or see a bobble, then your putter is too short.


How Can You Know Which One You Need?

If you are going to the putt-putt range, worry not; the size of your putter will not matter genuinely. Otherwise, as many professionals will say, the best course of action for aspiring golfers would be to work with a professional to evaluate your swing and get a club fitting.

This would be the most accurate way to get the right-sized club, but otherwise, a scientific approach will be a more budget-friendly option. Go to the retail store, test out the putters, take some time to get comfortable with one, and buy it when you start sinking putts with it.


How Can You Tell If Your Putter is Too tall?

There are a few ways, even before taking a practice swing, that a golfer can tell a putter will be too tall or extended for them. When selecting a putter, the important thing is to measure the handle to your hip, an exact measurement used for choosing a pair of pants.

Suppose the putter’s grip goes past your belt, which is too tall. The more precise way to dial in the measurement is to take a practice swing with the club; after a few putts, the putter is too tall if there is contact with the green or choppiness in the swing.


How Can You Know if Your Putter is Too Short?

Knowing if a putter is too short is easier to notice, especially if an eyeball test can see. A club, or putter, that is too short will not reach the hip, forcing the golfer to hunch over in an uncomfortable putting position.

The professionals will tell you to keep your back straight and dangle your arms to create the pendulum effect. 

Unfortunately, a short putter will not allow the golfer to utilize this correct stance. Typically, a player will be able to notice if they are hitting the top of the ball and, through feel, know they are not getting the right sound off of impact.


Do Pros use Shorter Putters?

There are certain situations on the golf course, a beached ball in the sand trap instance, where a shorter club will give a golfer better control through their swing allowing for the adjustment of being in the hazard. 

There are also natural specifications to which a shorter club plays into a player’s hands, quicker acceleration through the box, and higher launch angles.

As for putters, this applies differently by giving the player putting the ability to shorten their swing in effect, reducing the chance for mistakes. Logically, using a short putter on a closer putt might benefit the golfer.


Final Thoughts on How Tall Should You Be for a 33-inch Putter

Here are the words said by the many and heard by them too; if you want the assurance that you have the proper fitting clubs, you will have to find a pro to do a swing evaluation. They will provide you with precisely sized clubs that maximize your swing.

That is the only secure way to avoid the trial-and-error method of learning about your club sets. Otherwise, if you are given a hand-me-down set of clubs or are found in a similar situation, then the best course would be to visit a driving range and test them out.  

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