How To Store Golf Gloves To Keep Them Fresh?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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One of the biggest unfortunate side effects of playing with golf gloves is sweating into the fabric, making them crusty and crinkled. Golf gloves typically last between eight to ten rounds, depending on the brand and quality of the make.

When storing them, try and let them dry before storing them in the golf bag or elsewhere, and do not ball them up if they are sweaty. This will lead to crusting and possibly rendering the pair of gloves unusable.

Most professionals will have different pairs for gameplay, practice, and friendly rounds with the friends; in an attempt to add rounds to the life expectancy.

Man examining a golf driver - How To Store Golf Gloves To Keep Them Fresh?

How Long Should Golf Gloves Last?

As mentioned above in the article, the average durability of a pair of golf gloves will be around eight to ten rounds depending on the player and geographic location.

There are going to be gloves made with different guarantees when it comes to how long they are expected to last, and this comes down to the brand that manufactured the gloves and the quality in which they are stitched.

If you are a casual player, this range might not apply to you, and you can consider using gloves for extended periods of time, especially if well maintained and taken care of.


How Do You Keep Your Golf Glove from Smelling?

There are going to be some golfers that have a routine of cleaning their gloves after every round they play. This takes place with simple rinsing with clean water and using one of many glove treatment products to treat the leather.

In addition, manufacturers like Rawlings and Wilson will have conditioner-like balms and creams to keep leather in the best possible condition.

Just as with any Baseball glove, simple routine care of the glove materials will keep the odor-causing bacteria from having a chance to create cultures upon the leather or other materials in the glove.


What Do You Need for Proper Maintenance of Gloves?

The first thing you need is a nice leather treatment cream or oil, which will cure the leather, giving it a nice protective layer on the outside.

Plus, this will more than likely make the material waterproof, in effect preventing any moisture damage from occurring or any stinky liquids from depositing odor-causing bacteria to grow.

Next will be to wash the gloves with cold, clean water and be sure not to soak the leather. After that, just rinse the dirt and grime off the leather. Finally, it will not hurt to have a rag or leather brush to help the sealant and treatments into the glove’s material.


What is the Best Place to Keep Gloves?

The best place to store gloves will be in the designated pockets of your golf bag, or there will also be certain pants that will have perfect side pockets for the golf gloves you wear.

Then, after the game, try this tip of leaving the gloves out to dry before putting them away with the rest of your golfing equipment.

Then as another set of good habits to get into, try keeping your gloves out of the golf bag when stored at home. Instead, designate a drawer for gloves or something similar to keep them safe away from the elements and any domesticated animals or young children.


Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid

The first, and possibly the most commonly made, mistake that golfers will make is to ball up their gloves after playing a round and throwing them in the bag all crumpled up.

This will undoubtedly lead to the gloves becoming cracked and damaged, then becoming unusable and needing replacement.

Another common mistake is to let the water soak into the material when washing the gloves after play. Again, the set of rinsing the gloves is to get any loose dirt or grime off the leather and not as means of a deep clean.


Final Thoughts on How to store Golf gloves to Keep them Fresh

The Golf glove, much like the baseball batter’s glove, will be made mostly of leather composite or genuine stuff. Many techniques have been used over the millennia to maintain and prove leather gloves to last.

Now, I know I said that golfing gloves are supposed to only last, on average, between eight to ten rounds of golf, and competitive professional-level players will stick by this.

As for the casual golfer, try cleaning your gloves and getting a simple leather treatment solvent to add a layer of protection to your leather. Sometimes you can keep your gloves for over a year if the quality and care of the material are true.

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