Is GOLFTEC Worth The Money?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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From the swing evaluation to the club fitting, the experts at GOLFTEC have helped players improve by seven strokes on average. The improvement occurred from over thirteen million lessons taught in over two hundred and thirty-five centers worldwide.

The starting fees are about one hundred and twenty-five dollars for a sixty-minute golf lesson. In addition, there will be an evaluation of the golfer’s swing, precise details on how to improve, and a lesson plan with obtainable goals.

In addition, the club fitting starts at the same price as the swing evaluation.

Offering sessions, sixty to ninety minutes in length, with TECFIT technology that takes the swing evaluation data, runs it through a computer, and gives club dimensions and recommendations customized for each golfer.

Some golf drivers in a bag - Is GOLFTEC Worth The Money?

Is it Suitable for a Beginner?

At the beginning of learning any activity or sport, there is a period during which a person will struggle. This is because not everyone has the same physical or cognitive abilities, and it will take each person a different amount of time to become competent.

The context being said, there is a need for a trainer or expert for any golfer to reach that next level.

GOLFTEC would be an excellent place to get quality instruction, equipment that fits your natural movement, and instruction that will provide you with all the practice needed to reach the pinnacle of your ability.


How Long Does the Evaluation Take?

The swing evaluation will take around an hour to get adequate data on a golfer’s swing to pinpoint where the hitches are and where a player can improve, leading to a custom club size fitting.

There are also fitting sessions that will be around sixty to ninety minutes, depending on the customer’s needs.The expert will line you up with a simulator, a free space to swing, and a piece of turf to hit off a tee and grass with.

Then with computer tracking technology and a few swings, the evaluation will process the data collected from the various swings and clubs used to produce a lesson plan.


How Much Does it Cost?

GOLFTEC offers custom-fit clubs and various products for members. Still, a beginner looking for the primary evaluation will spend around one hundred and twenty-five dollars for an hour; the cost for a club fitting will run about the same.

Suppose a customer would like to go further and become a full member. In that case, the pricing at each facility may differ, but each offers game plans and lesson plans to fit any golfer’s skill level.

The game plan packages come with three to twelve months of between three to fifty-two lesson packages, which include a club fitting and three to twelve months of video practice sessions.


What are the Pros of GOLFTEC?

The benefits of using technology and teaching methods like GOLFTEC are numerous. First, you have cutting-edge technology that can analyze your swing from every point, to which a GOLFTEC pro can analyze the data and apply fixes, if needed, to a player’s swing.

On average, players have reported seven strokes of improvement on their scorecards; the average gain was from a list of over ten million golfers who have used the GOLFTEC lesson plan to benefit.

Undeniable results like these are what a player is looking for when taking the following steps to make it to the next level of performance.


What are the Cons of GOLFTEC?

GOLFTEC, currently, is only a simulation; this is the heart of any con that can be found, if any. Simulations can help a player improve but cannot fully replace what a golfer will experience on the course at any given time.

The only sure way to improve the course is to play the course and put in the time for practice and play.

Otherwise, a person cannot account for the steps taken while traversing the holes, the other players, obstacles, and other natural elements that only get out there. The only other con could be that the instruction is not free of charge.


Final Thoughts on Is GOLFTEC worth the Money

If you, as a golfer, want to improve your game and reach the next level, practice will be necessary. It will take time, dedication, and physical execution of the game or lesson plan provided by any tour or course pro.

GOLFTEC provides a facility and space for this practice to take place. Then, the pros will deploy the highest quality technology to analyze your game and swing.

In doing so, the professionals will go forward with a lesson or game plan to fix any swing issues and give the players the tools to golf at their best.

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