M3 vs. M4 TaylorMade Drivers

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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TaylorMade Drivers are made with the manufacturer’s unique 450 stainless steel body, a Ni-Co C300 face, and the minute, attenuated 5-layer carbon composite crown.

The amazing quality of these drivers has only recently been replaced by my TaylorMade newer Stealth line.

The M3 provides adjustability with a Y-track weight adjusting the system to change the loft, draw and fade settings, improving on the stylings found on the M1 and M2 drivers. The M4 is the next-level driver from TaylorMade.

The designers did away with the Y-track, kept the HammerHead technology to create a higher loft flight pattern, and gave players more control over the spin placed on the ball.

Man wearing white t shirt is taking shot with a golf driver - M3 vs. M4 TaylorMade Drivers

What are the Similarities?

To start, both of these Drivers are going to be made with similar 450 Stainless steel mixtures, which gives to the solid striking that comes from the MOI.

In addition, each of these Drivers will come with the Twist-Face technology, which is designed to reduce the impact of hitting it on the toe or heel of the club, and from the data, you can see that even when mishit, the ball gets distance on it.

TaylorMade has fitted the M3 and M4 drivers with easily adjustable loft settings, which will be located near the shaft and completed with the HammerHead technology for ball speed boosting.


What are the Differences?

The M3 driver will have the Y-track weight differential systems, designed to allow a player to adjust for lower and higher launch angles in addition to settings to help with draws and fade shots.

The M4 will not have the Y-track weight system, preferring to maintain a simple back weight to help increase the effectiveness of the MOI and twist-face technology.

The M3 will have an advantage when it comes to the distance off the tee but will suffer when it comes to controlling and forgiveness levels. The M4 is going to be far superior when it comes to the forgiveness and control of the club face.


Pros and Cons: M3 vs. M4 TaylorMade

The overwhelming pro for the M3 is the impressive distance consistency, especially after dialing in the Y-track weight setting for optimal drives.

The con will be the stiff feel and lack of forgiveness when a mishit occurs, which can lead to the ball going out of bounds or into the hazards.

The con for the M4 will be the seemingly unimpressive distance off the tee, which can hinder those who need to get distance out of the box. The pro will be the brilliant levels of control and forgiveness, which improves good shots and will not punish you for missed shots.


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

Both of these clubs are known to last for multiple seasons, given that the shafts are replaceable, but there is a clear winner when it comes to overall components working.

The Y-track of the M3 brings with it a certain level of adjustability, but with that comes places for dirt to hide and jam up the mechanisms.

A player will have to ensure that after every round, every drive possibly, the slider is not busted or damaged, to which the M4 will not have such issues, only needing frequent wipe-downs and post-play cleaning routines.

Making it the preferable choice when it comes to maintenance needs.


Which One Lasts Longer?

The Twist-face and Hammer Head technology materials are relatively long-lasting, but when it comes to the attachments and components, that is another matter.

As mentioned in the section earlier, the Y-track weight system adds the convenience of adjustability, but with that comes another thing that can break when compared to the simpler M4 Driver models.

Therefore, by default, the M4 will last longer than the M3 main because of the lack of pieces that can break, along with the quality make expected from TaylorMade manufacturing.

For those advanced players, consider adding the M3 for those tricky shots when high launch, and a wick draw or fade would be useful.


Final Thoughts on M3 vs. M4 TaylorMade Drivers

After you take the time to look at these two drivers, you will find that both come with unique benefits that can be useful to certain types of golfers.

For instance, the M3 will give you the ability to craft a driver to customarily fit certain holes that might have crazy hazards or dogleg features to consider out of the tee.

The M4 is a good driver that will help a player stay in the fairway, allowing for more accurate conservative play out of the box, a good fit for those who rely on the approach shot abilities and putting skill.

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