Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-60

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Mizuno is a top-flight golfing company with roots in baseball; in 1913, the Mizuno shop began manufacturing baseballs and gloves. It was in 1933 when Star Line was released to the Japanese market, and the brothers never looked back.

After a while, Mizuno became one of the leaders in the world in the manufacturing and distribution of Golfing equipment, which leads us to our discussion on the mp-57 and mp-60 irons.

The mp-57 is what can be called the pinnacle of Mizuno’s grain flow forging and Cut MuscleTM technologies. The lesser-known and used mp-60 allows for every shot to be made and is a quiet but solid selection for the course.

person wearing white shirt and orange shorts is playing golf - Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-60.

Which Model is More Popular?

The mp-57 is by far the more popular of the two irons because of the golfing community’s overwhelming response to the first-ever full cavity MP iron, which to the forgiveness level to a height unknown.

Not to mention this line of clubs came with the exclusive Grain Flow Forged 1025E pure select steel. Mp-60 was that club that came out after the mp-57; these irons are by no means not worth a look and a try. The reviews are unanimous in saying this is a quality product.


Which One Has Better Features?

In accordance with the information provided by the golfing community, the mp-57 has by far the better features. With the release of the mp-57, players were given the first-ever feel of a Mizuno brand iron with a solid sweet spot like no other.

The mp-60 has qualities that provide a golfer with stability and control as the downward swing goes through the ball into the back end of the pendulum.

In addition, the base of the irons was given some width to provide forgiveness on the missed hits and better control down the fairway.


Pros and Cons: Mizuno MP-57 vs. MP-60

The MP line of irons is one product line that always finds ways to improve performance, increase stability, or pop off the face during impact.

MP-57 has years of know-how and technology to make it a highly prized club, but some golfers experienced erratic striking on even the smallest of misses. MP-60 irons will only work if you have a steady and consistent swing.

Otherwise, you will depend on forgiveness to make up for missed hits. Pros for this club are that they will improve your game once you learn to tame them, especially for a beginner looking to level up.


Price Range: Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-60

There will be slight differences in price ranges for these two golf club sets, and they will run a person between one hundred and five hundred dollars. The most fluctuation in price will be with the individual irons and clubs, especially when investigating the auction sites.

There are single irons for twenty-five dollars and upwards of more than two hundred dollars, with prices being as inconsistent as possible. In addition, there are loads of custom-made lob wedges and varying alterations and designs to both of these club sets.


Final Verdict on Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-60

This is one of the closest comparisons possible between different clubs, and they are so similar in price and performance that it is hard to choose a winner.

In the end, from what the golfing community has reviewed, the MP-57 is the better choice and will yield better results on the course.

This should not take away from the quality manufacturing of the Mp-60, nor does it make this line of clubs an unsavvy purchase. The reality is that both of these clubs will be an intelligent choice when selecting irons to place in your bag.


Final Thoughts on Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-60 

The popularity of the mp-57 might have overshadowed the mp-60; the golfing community had yet to see a Mizuno-type wedge or iron with a full-cavity and the Cut MuscleTM technology.

That being said, a review from the golfing community agrees that both of these clubs are a four-plus out of five-star rating. Both of these two iron sets of clubs are expensive, with completed sets at two hundred or two hundred and fifty or so dollars.

Nevertheless, they might be the perfect upgrade for the golfer in your family, especially any aspiring PGA tour players that need clubs for the next level.

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