PING G30 vs G25

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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PING was the sound a putter made when a husband ran into the kitchen to tell his wife about his success. The company has come a long way since then. It has become a leader in the world for the manufacturing and distribution of quality golfing products.

These two models of clubs are about a year apart, but there are minimal differences between them; The g30 will add distance to your shot; otherwise, the two iron sets are almost identical.

Even as we move up to the hybrids and fairway woods, the drivers are also very close in performance.

A golf iron on artificial grass - PING G30 vs G25.

Which One is Sold More?

This would be a close one if they were not such polar differences. The G30 is by far the better option with SF, LS, or standard models giving the G30 more variety because of the demand and popularity of the Driver.

The only thing is that the G25 came out first and was on the market for a year before the G30 came out in 2014. Yet, after half a dozen years, the G30 has overtaken its predecessor and become a popular choice.


What are the Differences?

PING drivers are normally released every two years. Conversely, these two models of drivers were released one year apart.

This is primarily because of the G30’s breakthrough technological advances in 2014, which saw the introduction of turbulators on top of the club face for aerodynamic design, there is a loft control knob, and the end of the i option (G30 LSTech, and Straight flight).

Overall, though, the carry of the G25 will be longer, plus the top of the club head has a smooth sheen and has higher stopping power.


Pros and Cons: PING G30 vs G25 Driver

The pro for the PING G25 is the increased loft on the Driver, not to mention that when it hits the fairway, it will likely stick within a landing area close to where it landed.

The con would be that the turbulator technology came out in the next model, which happens to be the G30 Driver. The PING G30 took the next step in technological advancement with the adjustable loft and back weight and introduced the turbulator design.

The only thing is that there are technologies today that allow for more adjustments which can make the limited backweight a con.


Price Range: PING G30 vs G25 Driver

When it comes to value, PING Drivers retain it even some five or ten years later. When it comes to the price range of the G25 and the G30, they both have a similar range between one hundred and barely over two hundred dollars.

A few models of the G25 are three hundred and seventy-five dollars.

At the same time, the G30 had some reaching into the three hundred range regularly, one or two models in the four hundred dollar range with a single Limited Edition Bubba Pink Driver going for six hundred and seventy-five dollars.


Final Verdict: PING G30 vs G25 Driver

The PING G25 has a very nice loft and carry distance, but all in all, the G30 was when PING really hit its stride and began developing Driver technology that pushed the limits of distance with adjustability and accuracy.

The company introduced the turbulator design to the top of the club head, which increased ball speed out of the box, which increased distance overall.

The technological upgrade between the G25 and the G30 is leaps and bounds, no more evident than by the continued use of the turbulator club design.

So if you are looking for a drive that has a loft, get a G25, it has an interesting stopping power that can make it useful in certain situations.


Final Thoughts on PING G30 vs G25

There is a purpose to both of these drivers, and the G25 has a functional loft that makes it worth a purchase. The G30, however, is a much better driver with a bunch of technological upgrades, adjustable features, and aerodynamic club head engineering.

The advent of the turbulator club design forever changed the face of the G series driver, as the same design can be found on modern manufactured Drivers from PING Golf.

Suppose you are looking for a fundamental model Driver with adjustment levels perfect for beginners and amateurs alike. In that case, the PING G30 Driver will be the perfect club for the bag.

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