PING i210 vs i200

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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To start with, the PING i200 irons are a fantastic set of irons with modern traditional clean styling and will have higher launch angles, an excellent level of forgiveness, and are packed with plenty of new technology.

The PING i210 set of irons will be for those looking for further distances and lower launch angles. It has a great feel and simple classic styling, delivering high-performance spin rates and striking.

These irons and wedges are of PING quality and have that company sound when striking the ball clean.

Man in white polo took a shot - PING i210 vs i200.

What are the Differences?

There are some slight differences between the two, most of the clubs will have similar launch angles, but the main differences in performance will be the distances.

The i210 has about five yards more carry and results in having a better ability for distance, looking at the five to ten yards on the drive.

There are slight changes to the styling, both have a similar look, but the i210 has fewer lines on the club head with a sleeker look, but both have that classical, traditional design. There is also a slight difference in the thickness of the club head.


How to Decide Which One is Better for You?

This will come in one of two ways: you go out and test these clubs for yourself and get enough data to make a comparison. At the same time, a player can get a feel for the irons and wedges, then make momentous changes when the right clubs are found.

Then you have professional fitters offering swing evaluations and personal fitting sessions. Going to one of these experts will undoubtedly give accurate results that can determine which clubs are a better fit.


Pros and Cons: PING i210 vs. i200

The pros for the i210 would be the extra distance that comes with the new style of irons compared to the predecessor. The PING i200 will have a much higher launch angle and loft setting, which works well when trying to drop a shot onto the green or fairway.

The cons for the i210 will be the lack of spin rate, plus there is potential for the shot to roll off the back of the green. The i200 gets caught up in the wind on those blustery days, which will alter the ball more than the i210.


Price Range: PING i210 vs. i200

The two series of clubs are going to be expensive, especially for a complete set of irons.

For example, the PING i200 set of clubs will rarely get below three hundred and close to one thousand dollars, while each iron or wedge can cost upwards of one hundred to two hundred dollars.

Then you have the PING i210 set of irons, which rarely get below four hundred dollars and can reach prices in the thousands of dollars range. The individual clubs are hard to find, as the entirety of the set will be more beneficial than, say, a single wedge.


Final Verdict: PING i210 vs. i200

Like all PING products, these irons and wedges are quality and durable pieces of equipment that will last years if taken care of. There are hardly any fundamental differences between these products besides a few tweaks in the club head.

The PING i200 will have a better stopping power ability because of the higher lift and launch angle, while the PING i210 is geared towards giving the golfer striking the ball an additional three, five, or ten yards, depending on the player archetype.

Reviewers agree that the two series feel fantastic when hitting the ball. Still, it comes down to the individual players.

As with all PING products, these series of irons and wedges have the durability and quality that is expected from this major market brand. In addition, the i200 will help players that utilize loft and spin to land the ball right where they want it.

As for the i210, there are going to be players that need a little extra distance, and these distances will be only about three, five, or ten yards further than their predecessor’s averages because of the changed clubhead.

The best course of action would be to go to a fitter if you cannot decide on either set of irons and wedges.

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