Ping i25 vs g25

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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These two series of clubs include a driver and irons; in this article, we will explore the features of both the Ping i25 and the Ping g25 set of clubs.

When you think about the i25 series of clubs, they are going to be that affordable choice for a B set of clubs; and A set being an i230 set of irons.

The Ping g25 has a very similar story to the i25; they have managed to stay a relevant set of clubs despite the unappealing design and the ‘not the best feeling of the club face when striking the ball.

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Which One has Sold More?

These two sets of clubs were released in the 2014 markets, and the amateurs and professionals could not get enough of the evolutionary clubs.

The i series of clubs will have less spin on the ball than the g series, but as far as sales go, these two clubs are too close to call.

It is not hard to tell that the two Ping clubs made a massive impact on the sport of golf; in 2014, there was content all over the internet reviewing the irons, hybrids, woods, and drivers.


What are the Differences?

The significant differences will be the interaction with the ball off impact, for instance, the g25 is designed to have better spin delivery, and the i25 will have lower flight patterns.

There is also a noticeable difference in appearance and style, the i25 goes with racing stripes on the driver, and the g25 goes with an open-wing design.

The i25 fairway woods can adjust the loft on the fly, while the g25 comes preset and will take a professional to change the loft settings. In addition, the two drivers will have different weight settings on the back of the club.


Pros and Cons: Ping i25 vs. g25

The pros for the drivers and fairway woods for the i25 are the adjustable loft ability and the racing stripes ball alignment aid. At the same time, the visual appeal has become dated and plain compared to newer club sets.

The g25 has a solid face that makes it easier to put a spin on the ball, but not having the loft adjustment system like the i25 is certainly a disappointing con. Both irons, when compared, have slight differences in the clubhead size.

Still, both will have slight design changes from the previous i20 and g20 models. To add stability, they added weight to the bottom of the iron club heads on the 3, 4, and 5 irons.


Price Range: Ping i25 vs. g25

Even after a few years of being out of the production phase, these sets of Driver, Hybrids and woods, irons, and wedges have maintained a relatively strong value base.

For example, a single PING i25 driver can cost you around one hundred and fifty dollars, and entire sets of irons can range between three hundred to somewhere within one thousand dollars.

Similarly, a g25 driver will start nearing one hundred and seventy dollars. In comparison, an entire set of irons will vary between two hundred and fifty to a lesser expensive price approaching five hundred dollars.

Both are solid choices, with the g series having the more affordable options.


Final Verdict: Ping i25 vs. g25

PING has since replaced these two sets of clubs with newer technology and more appealing models, but that does not negate the fact that they are going to be quality clubs.

Though the clubs are from over half a dozen years ago, the value is not lost on the solid make, and complete sets of irons can cost a pretty penny.

Not to mention the price of the drivers, but in the end, there needs to be more to distinguish the two from each other. The one difference that gives i25 drivers, fairway woods, and hybrids the win would be the ability to adjust the loft on the fly.


Final Thoughts on Ping i25 vs g25

The PING brand of golfing equipment carries weight in the sporting world. A golfer could do much worse than showing up to the course with a set of i25 or g25 clubs in the bag.

Nearly a dozen years ago, these were the talk of the game, new racing stripe designs and revamped irons to balance the swing and add stability to the follow-through.

But, as mentioned before, the most significant difference between the two would be that i25 model drivers, hybrids, and woods have the loft adjustment feature on all club heads.

In all honesty, the best way to determine which set is better for you is by testing out the clubs to see how your physical specifications fit with the clubs.

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