Regripping Golf Clubs Without A Vice Grip

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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When removing a grip from a golf club, there is going to be some struggle because of the double-sided tape, but that does not mean a person will need a Vice Grip.

The first step is simple in mind, do it yourself-er will want to use a knife to cut into the grip along the shaft, with steel there is no fear of scratching the shaft.

With graphite shafts, it is recommended to use a hook knife or techniques that prevent any splintering of the club shaft.

Person holding a golf club wearing a golf glove in left hand - Regripping Golf Clubs Without A Vice Grip.

Can you Regrip a Golf Club without a Vice?

This is a profound yes; when removing the old grip, there are easy tricks to peel it from the shaft and also prevent damage to more fragile shafts like one made of graphite. There will also be simple techniques to slip on the new golf grip using intuitive lubrication procedures.

After removing the old tape and replacing it with a fresh strip of double-sided tape, one can use simple oiling lubricants (rubbing alcohol, even) to then slip on the new grip without damaging the adhesive below.


How do you Change a Golf Grip without a Vice?

The first step will be to score the old grip and make a cut along the shaft until you reach the end of the club. Be extra careful when removing a grip from graphite; they will splinter and break with the littlest of scratches.

Once this step is complete, peel the old grip off, remove any damaged old tape, and apply a new strip of crease-free tape. Again, be sure to have the right length of tape, long enough to cover the underside of the new grip.

Lastly, apply lubrication to the inside of the new grip and along the shaft; then, slip the new grip over the end of the shaft and slide it into place. Final note, be sure to have the new grip appropriately aligned and free of twists.


What can you use instead of Golf Grip Solvent?

There are as many techniques and tools to use as there are opinions on which club is the best; some golfing enthusiasts use only water as a lubricant when removing and replacing their golf grips.

The key is to have a slick barrier that allows you to slide the grip on without damaging or dislodging the double-sided tape attached to the shaft.

Some even go as far as using oils and certain types of greases to make the regripping process go smoothly. There is even a technique that literally uses an air compressor to blast the old grip off a club shaft.


Tips You Should Know before You Start

A person must first know what materials they are working with, meaning what grips are used and what the shafts are crafted with. For example, a steel shaft will require less finesse than a graphite shaft, which will splinter with the smallest scratches.

Next, having your tools within easy reach is highly recommended, and this simple tip will save you from unnecessary headaches.

Finally, consider using a hook knife instead of a razor blade; these knives are designed for making cuts like the one needed to remove an old golf grip.


Common Mistakes to Avoid

These processes are more manageable than it sounds, but it will take practice to get good at it; people’s most common mistake is being too soft with the old grip.

You are disposing of this grip, not the club shaft below; whatever cuts need to be made to preserve the shaft below, do it. Another mistake made is scratching the graphite shafts; as mentioned above, steel shafts are more durable and can take a knife scratch or two.

But when it comes to the lighter weight, fragile materials like graphite, a single scratch from a knife could cause fracturing or splintering.


Final Thoughts on Regripping Golf Clubs without a Vice Grip

There are going to be many opinions on the best way to replace your grips; just look at If you are uncomfortable taking a knife to one of your higher-quality golf clubs, consider purchasing a new shaft or consulting a local professional.

The pros at your local course will have the know-how to point you in the right direction, even helping you with a personal technique to regrip their favorite clubhead and shaft combinations.

The truth is that this can be an easy process, even the game-changing difference during the next round.

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