What Is The Setting On A Titleist Ts2 Driver?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Four settings can be deployed with the Titleist ts2 driver; the standard position for this club will be the A1 position, especially for right-handed players. The A1 position has a loft of 9.25 degrees in a neutral position.

The A2 setting, for the ts2, is also set at a 9.25-degree angle, but there is placed in an upright position; unlike A2, the A3 position has a setting for the club face at 7.75 degrees.

Of course, there is then the A4 setting, which is in a neutral position with an angle of 7.75 degrees, to complete the set.

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Titleist TS2 Driver specs

For this model of TS2 driver, the head size will be 460cc with a standard line of 58.5 degrees; this goes with a standard length of the 45.5-inch shaft for men and a standard length of the 44.5-inch shaft for women.

Remember that there are various custom fit options for these standard shaft lengths.

Amongst this information is the four loft options that will help a golfer maximize the impact and loft aspects of hitting off the tee.

Below is a simplified list of the four-degree settings that Titleist offers for the TS2:


  • 8.5 degrees
  • 9.5 degrees
  • 10.5 degrees
  • 11.5 degrees


What do the Settings on a Titleist TS2 Driver Mean?

The settings for the TS2 driver are meant to customize the loft and spin of the ball off impact. A player can adjust the settings to configure the club to fit the Golfer’s natural swing and get the maximum distance possible from each drive out of the tee box.

A1 through A4 are made for right-handed players. At the same time, over sixteen different settings will help a player influence the ball’s flight with an increase in the draw or fade bias. After getting the settings down, reattach to the shaft of your choice.


How do you Adjust the Titleist TS2 Driver?

Most drivers from Titleist have a wrench that comes with them that allows the Golfer to remove the club head and adjust the loft and lie settings. There is a screw that needs to be removed from this specialized screwdriver; any other screw will damage the club face.

Once removed, there are two cogs, rings with the letters A, B, C, and D, and the Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 to get the proper settings in place. Of the sixteen setting types for the TS2 driver, there is the standard A1 for the right-handed players and D4 for the southpaws.


Adjustment Guide for the Left-Handed Players

From either side of the tee, the Titleist TS2 has sixteen custom settings to stratify the needs and most wants of every Golfer that drives with it. From the left side, the D4 would be the standard position, but there will be a slight adjustment to get some spin on the ball.

For instance, to have the most draw on the shot, say to get around a challenging dogleg and tree’s obstacle, position D2 would be the best adjustment to make. The B4 setting would be appropriate for the Golfer’s needs to achieve the most fade from a shot.


Adjustment guide for Right-Handed Players

Like the lefties, righties will want to have A1 for a standard starting point setting and, depending on the needs of a situational shot, sure holes that require a specialized photo or what have you.

Right-handed golfers who want the most draw will wish for an A3, in addition to those players in need of the most fade a C1. Another thing to consider when you are adjusting your club face, here are some settings and their effect for your convenience:


  • A3 gets the most loft to withdraw, but D2 is a less intense spin with similar action in flight
  • For a straight flight and more fade bias, use B1
  • For most fade and loft combinations, the B4 setting will be best.


Final Thoughts on What is the Setting on a Titleist ts2 Driver

The Titleist TS2 Driver is a champion in customizing off-the-tee box driving strategies. The sixteen settings that give a golfer the ability to change the fade, draw, and loft of their shot have revolutionized the game of Golf.

As a right-handed golfer or left-handed Golfer, the TS2 driver will have the setting that will fit your natural swing and help place that shot-perfect flight path. As with any purchase, doing the research is key to making the best and most informed choice possible.

That being said, it is hard to top this quality driver from a traditionally high-class golf club manufacturer and has the sixteen adjustment settings to offset any flaws in your swing.

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