TaylorMade M3 vs. M4 Irons

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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TaylorMade’s commitment to uncompromising quality has led to innovations like the Ribcor support technology in the M3 and M4 series of irons, which helped solve the problem of caving in club faces of the M2 sets of irons.

As the years moved forward, the TaylorMade Golfing Manufacturers dropped the M3 irons. However, during this change, they came out with the M4 irons, which are still available today directly from the TaylorMade factory.

In this article, we will examine the various aspects of the TaylorMade Irons series M3 and M4, and the reasons for the M3 extinction may become all the more clear.

Two young gyus with their irons in a golf course - Difference between TaylorMade M3 vs. M4 Irons.

What are the Similarities?

During the transition from the M1 and M2 series of irons, the engineers at TaylorMade invented the Ribcor technology that can be found in both the M3 and M4 sets of irons.

This addition to the club face provides additional pop and supports any cave-in issues with the M2 irons.

These two sets of irons were released around the same time in the early twenty- first century and boast strong loft ball flights when struck solidly at the moment of impact.

Additionally, each of these irons will be made with face slots and speed pocket designs to increase club head and ball speeds out of the moment of impact.


What are the Differences?

The starkest differences will be found in the loft and distances in which the balls fly. So when you start looking for any contrasting details about these two sets of TaylorMade irons, start with the loft settings of the M1 and M2 irons that preceded the M3 and M4 models.

The M3 is designed with the M1 clubface settings, as well as the M4 is styled with the same loft and club face characteristics as the M2 irons.The M4 irons will be slightly heavier than the M3 irons because of the thicker club heads with which the M4 models are fitted.


Pros and Cons: M3 and M4 irons

The nice part about the M4 irons from TaylorMade is going to be the focus on the loft and high-flight path shots that will stick the landings on the greens, preferably.

The con, as touched upon earlier in the article, will be the additional weight that has been added to the clubs, which in some cases, can make the clubs too heavy for some.

The M3 irons are going to be a nice upgrade from the TaylorMade M1 irons that were known to have club face cave-in issues that required the clubs to be replaced, adding Ribcor technology to satisfy this consumer concern.

The con will be the additional trouble it will take to find a clean set of these irons, as they are no longer on the production line.


Which One is Easier to Maintain?

With the addition of the Ribcor technology, the M1 and M2 set of irons issues became a thing of the past, making both the M3 and M4 TaylorMade irons more durable without sacrificing performance.

From close inspection, the difference maker will be the thickness in which these two sets of irons are made, and we find that the M4 is forged with a thicker club head.

Both will be easy to clean, and there is hardly a complaint to be found when it comes to maintenance practices or hardships when cleaning off the clubs. At least you would be hard-pressed to find such details, to nitpick.


Which One Lasts Longer?

As touched upon in the section before this one, there is going to be a difference in the thicknesses of these two sets of irons.

The M4 irons will be forged with a thicker club head, which a decade has nearly passed, and golfers have found without a doubt that the M3 and M4 TaylorMade irons last longer than the M1 and M2 series clubs.

This is because of the Ribcor technology that provided structural support to the club face to prevent cave-ins and also to bolster the pop from each strike.

So far, the M4 is the only one of the two to survive the new wave of iron innovations, which has seen the rise of Stealth label irons.


Final Thoughts on TaylorMade M3 vs. M4 Irons

The selection process between these two sets of clubs comes down to two factors, club weight, and loft angle. The M4 TaylorMade irons are engineered to provide the same distances as the M3 but with a significantly more pronounced loft angle.

A golfer will have to decide between needing lower ball flight patterns or needing to lift the ball up into the wind or over obstacles found on the course.

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