Taylormade M6 vs. M2 Irons

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Regarding the TaylorMade irons, the experts recall authenticity in the innovative approach to forging one of the world’s best-performing golf clubs.

The M2 irons have been quoted as being the ‘longest iron ever,’ the club heads went through an evolution in technology incorporating a Speed Pocket design and improvements in ball striking and face flexibility.

M6 irons were given some length on the handle and were designed to be more forgiving than previous iron models while preserving the long-distance abilities of the M2 irons.

The best feature of these new irons will be the increased ball speed after the moment of impact, showing improvements in the Speed Pocket design.

Golf iron and ball on green artificial grass - Taylormade M6 vs. M2 Irons

What are the Similarities?

Both have the TaylorMade long-distance irons ability and the increased ball speeds associated with the Speed Pocket. Both are also forged with the 1025 Carbon Steel and pressed thin by a two thousand-ton machine.

When it comes to these irons, there will be many similarities regarding the flight of the ball and the spin rates that can be achieved at each level of iron.

These iron brands claim to have the engineering to create longer distances and similar loft / high ball flight patterns resulting from every swing when compared to more standard sets of clubs.


What are the Differences?

When it comes to the early M-series of clubs, the M2 made alterations to the head size, and with the larger face, the testing golfers were able to achieve higher ball speed at the moment of impact.

While also having a wider target which allowed for more forgiveness plus control when it comes to ball spin.

In comparison, the M6 irons focused on improving the Speed Pocket technologies in order to increase the ball speeds off the club face, enhance the sound and feel of each swing, and go with a more rigid club shaft.

The experts claim the M6 will have explosive distance while providing a golfer reassurance, with each swing having maximum forgiveness with improvements to the Inverter Cone Technology and HYBAR compression dampers.


Pros and Cons: M6 vs. M2 Irons

The overwhelming majority of golfers that use the M6 speak about the easygoing feel when it comes to lining up a fairway shot, the forgiveness is a whole new level, and the distance will surprise most players.

The cons, for many, will be the hefty price tag for a brand new set of M6 irons, which reaches upwards of nine hundred dollars.

M2 irons will have specially engineered irons with designs to send the ball farther and higher off the moment of impact, which as a pro, can help with certain course obstacles and tough shots that can be encountered when out playing a round.

The con will be the aging technology compared to the newer M6 irons, which can make the long ones seem obsolete.


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

These two TaylorMade brand irons will carry the 1025 Steel Carbon forging label, along with an easy-to-keep tag. There are no complaints about these clubs initially, and the TaylorMade M6 irons will continue once rated with an excellent durability rating.

As for the M2, there is a growing opinion out there that golfers report caved-in metals and fractures along the club face.

The concerns about the durability, and the growing perception of players who agree, will give the M6 irons the win in this comparison; and are backed up by many within the golfing industry.


Which one Lasts Longer?

As mentioned in the passage before this one, the durability of the M2 irons came into question as growing numbers of players using the clubs complained about issues with the club faces and other parts of the iron’s metalwork.

This then leads to TaylorMade’s newer club lines, including the M6, which has been complemented repeatedly about the durability and the metalwork, which incorporates the aluminum / ABS’ structure combined with a viscoelastic adhesive.


Final Thoughts on M6 vs. M2 Irons

There are not many difficulties when it comes to the new brand of M series irons. The M6 set of irons is going to be pricey but will provide the optimal level of iron performance.

This means that ball speeds and distance will remain high for longer than expected, and the price will prove itself when you experience the performance difference.

The need for a change in clubs will trigger a search, which should start with M6 and comparable irons from other manufacturers to understand where the best clubs in the industry feel like. Then, go from there and enjoy your journey of finding the perfect irons.

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