TaylorMade P750 vs. P760

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Like most Golf Equipment Manufacturers, TaylorMade is in a race to find the next best ball-striking metal alloy, the next groundbreaking feature for distance or spin, which they deliver with their irons.

To start, the P750 Tour Proto irons will be designed for the best ball-strikers in the game that prefer a compact forged clubhead for higher levels of precision with every approach shot. 

The P760 tour combines a fusion of forged 1025 carbon steel body with SpeedFoam technology to create a soft striking, clean feel while improving the accuracy, distance, and consistency of each swing and approach to the green. 

What are the Similarities?

These two TaylorMade irons are made with the same metal, the 1025 Carbon Steel, which has been proven to deliver consistent performance out on the course. The price tag is the same as well. 

A brand new set of these clubs will cost you about fourteen hundred dollars which speaks to the quality materials used to produce and forge these irons. 

Many of the players and reviewers use the term ‘soft’ when describing the feel of the club when it strikes the ball, which speaks to the forgiveness of these model clubs and the shot-making ability they offer to the top-level players. 


What are the Differences?

The starkest difference between these two sets of clubs will be the introduction of the SpeedFoam injections of the TaylorMade P760 tour clubs. 

In addition, the three-iron through the seven-iron will have innovative new tech to help deliver another level of control and a soft feel. There is nothing hollow about the forged blades of the P750 irons. 

These are robust clubheads that deliver a soft but solid impact when striking the ball and are completely made of the Carbon Steel polymer used by TaylorMade. 

Each set of clubs will also feature a different set of swing weights. For example, the P760s use the D2 for irons 3 through nine and D3 for the wedges, while the P750s use the D3 for the irons and a D4 for the pitching wedge. 


Pros and Cons: P750 vs. P760

We start with the P750s, which will demand a more precise shot-making ability to get the most out of these clubs. These will not be a good set of clubs for beginner players. The pro will be when you have reached the next level of play. 

However, these clubs will help you make those tournament-winning approach shots and make the difference coming down to the final holes for the win. 

The pro for the P760s will be the innovative new SpeedFoam which injects higher velocities and ball speeds of the impact of the ball but also allows for better spin control giving the golfer another level of shot selection. 

Unfortunately, these clubs are expensive and can break the budget for many who desire their course benefits. 


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

Both clubs will be easy to maintain, needing regular cleaning and only the simplest after-play maintenance practices. 

However, some will be issued for some when it comes to cleaning the milling textures found on the club face and inside the grooves etched on them. Neither will be easier or harder than the other. 

A difference might be when using hot water or anything that might affect the SpeedFoam inside the clubs of the TaylorMade P760s. 

Any shifting of the materials could throw off the balance or comfort of the irons. Either way, using simple soap and water treatments with a gentle brush will do the trick more times than not. 


Which one Lasts Longer?

Multiple reviews have been done, and PGA tour Pros Jason Day and current tournament champion John Rahm will be our source of information. 

Day was famously known for making a comparison review live on Instagram when the TaylorMade P760s were released to the public. 

After trying the new clubs, Rahm vowed to stick with the P750s, which have been said to be the best irons of the past decade, rivaling those of Titleist and Mizuno. Neither will last a Tour Professional more than a year, which they play just about every day. 


Final Thoughts on TaylorMade P750 vs P760

These two sets of TaylorMade irons will be expensive to acquire brand new, but as the spring months come into season for the 2023 year, the P750s have been taken off the market. 

As a result, the best places to find them will not be online through auction sites or at the local second-hand store.

The P750s seem like the solid choice for consistent play, but the P760s will offer the ability to fit one or two of the long irons in your bag for added distance and control. 


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