TaylorMade Speedblade HL vs. Speedblade

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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TaylorMade is one of the world’s most well-known household-name golf club manufacturing companies. The Speedblade was all the craze in 2013 when it came out in Speedblade and also the Speedblade HL models. 

This year’s improvements focused on taking the Speed Pocket to the next level with improvements to ball speed, spin control, feel, and the sound off the club face. 

The HL versions have been optimized to maintain a similar length of the shaft, lessening the difference between the long and short irons; the Speedblade sets will be more traditional concerning the clubs’ lengths. 

Lady wearing t shirt and pant holding a golf iron - TaylorMade Speedblade HL vs. Speedblade.

What are the Similarities?

The basic similarities would be the metal used to forge the blades; both will be made with S25C steel combining the strength from the W-forging, a two-stage process that mixes hot and cold forging techniques. 

There will also be the two-tone, satin Nickel chrome plating with a darker smoke satin ion plating. 

After being released in 2013, together, these clubs’ sets became popular with the Pros when the HL version was released, providing the desired smaller, short-flight design. 


What are the Differences?

The major differences start with the length of the clubs themselves. 

As mentioned in the passage above, most of the professional PGA tour players sponsored by TaylorMade were excited about the new Speedblade design but wanted the High Loft irons that were later released that same year. 

As a result, the HL versions will be shorter and come designed with high launch angles to provide more lofty ball flight patterns through the air. 

Another statistical difference is associated with those changing ball flight patterns, meaning average distances will vary along with spin rates and a majority of loft heights. 


Pros and Cons: TaylorMade Speedblade HL vs Speedblade

Regarding the pros of the Speedblade traditions irons, you will find the distances of the longer irons to be impressive compared to earlier models. 

In addition, the thin, lightweight design gives way for quicker clubhead speed through the MOI, which can lead to faster ball speeds, but with that came the professional’s opinion of preferring their older clubs, to which the HL Version was released. 

The pro for those Speedblade HL irons was the shorter clubs that maximized each shot’s loft, lending for more confident landing spot selections because of the steeper fall angles. 

The cons of these club types will be the inhospitable nature of shorter clubs on taller people, which will need to use the standard versions to be able to swing more comfortably. 


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

TaylorMade is known to create long-lasting and durable golf clubs, including Drivers, Fairway woods, Irons, and Putters. As for which is easier, it comes down to the design, and the HL irons are thinner, which lends to breakage easier than their thicker counterparts. 

This is a rare occurrence, but when searching for a difference, there is hardly any when you think about the over-maintenance of these two sets of TaylorMade irons. 

The longer shafts could also be considered for being a risk of bending over time, which balances these two enough to call it a tie. 


Which One Lasts Longer?

When it comes to the longevity of these two club types, there is hardly a quip about needing to replace them, nor is there much of a second-hand market. 

These model clubs appear to be one of those sets of irons that, once you use them on the course, you will never need about a set of new irons again. 

Even today, reviewers will rave about the consistent distance, and when you go on the TaylorMade webpage, the sets are out of stock (March 20th, 2023). 

However, most golfers understand that irons can last up to a dozen or so years without needing to be replaced, and these TaylorMade Speedblade irons will be no exception. 


Final Thoughts on TaylorMade Speedblade HL vs. Speedblade

Hardly any sets of irons will be better than these Speedblade irons produced by TaylorMade. The market even has given the tip of the cap to these clubs naming them the number one set in the golfing industry. 

The key to staying on top is innovation, which TaylorMade is well known for. As a golfing enthusiast, seeing where this golfing equipment manufacturing company goes from here will be interesting. 


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