Titleist 915 D2 weight adjustment

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Titleist is one company that keeps pushing the envelope of golfing technology, personalization, and customization. This is on display again, as the engineers at Titleist have done it with the 915 D2 Driver.

The D2 has a weight adjustment system that takes the golfing game to a new level, with over sixteen positions within the head-to-place weights. Then you have head weights that come in a single gram, four-gram, seven-gram, and upwards to twenty-three grams.

As you can see, Titleist gives the golfer using their D2 driver the ability to customize their club to maximize results.

man placing a golf ball on tee - Titleist 915 D2 weight adjustment.

What is the Best Way to Adjust it?

Finding the best way to adjust the club head comes down to the golfers. Each human being will have different aspects to their bodies that no one else has. 

When considering that fact, the ‘best way’ comes down to the individual making and using the club. 

The true fire way to get the adjustment right will involve one or both things; first off, with a proper swing evaluation, a player can learn about their swing with the guidance of an expert. 

The golfer and pro can discuss which setting will benefit the player’s natural swing from that data.


What Do You Need to Have with You Before You Adjust it?

A few things need to be completed before the driver’s hosel can be adjusted. First, it is recommended that every player do their own research and, if possible, get a professional fitting. 

Second, acquire the adjustment guide to help give a bigger picture of how the adjustments will affect the flight of the ball and distance traveled per drive.

Next, you will need to acquire a wrench or hex key if you do this yourself. There are also packages from Titleist that have adjustment tools, manuals, and sets with the first two items plus weights.


What are the Common Mistakes that Can Happen?

Even when a golfer takes the proper steps to get fitted, measured, and then given the adjustments to maximize the effectiveness of their shots, there is a chance for error. 

Mistakes are common, especially when dialing in a Titleist 915 D2 driver. Therefore, the best policy, fitted or unfitted, is to use trial and error.

Get out onto the practice ranges, either at the Country Club or amusement park, get the reps in and find the setting with the best feel and pop. It will take time and possibly dozens and dozens of strokes before the correct setting is found.


How Long Does it Take to Get Adjusted?

Adjusting the club face using the torque wrench and adjustment guide will take only minutes. The steps are as simple as loosening the bolt, turning the shaft until the correct setting is found, and retightening the club until it clicks back into the ready-to-use position.

Other adjustments will take some time, especially when adding weights to the back of the club head. 

Still, again these processes will only need a few minutes of your time and, in some cases, can be done on the fly when out on the course. But, in the end, knowing you’re dialed in will take longer because the reps need to create viable data to examine.


When is the Best Time to Do it?

The best time to adjust is when on the practice range, virtual range, or getting a swing evaluation with club fitting done by a professional. This way, the scientific method can be used to find the right setting to maximize the distance off the tee.

Undoubtedly, the driving range will provide the answers needed to adjust for a particular course which may require different settings depending on the hazards and hole design. 

For example, in some tournament or course play instances, a different loft angle plus fade/draw setting will benefit a player when shooting a particular set of holes than, say, a standard A1.


Final Thoughts on Titleist 915 D2 Weight Adjustment

The Titleist 915 D2 Driver is one of those clubs that can help a player reach that next tier of golfing excellence. Having multiples of these in your bag may help create the perfect shot around hazards on those pesky holes without the need to readjust each hole you play.

Do the research and get a professional fitting if possible. If you end up buying one of these 915 D2 drivers, be sure to get your hands on the adjustment chart. 

That way, when experimenting with different settings, the golfer will know how to set the club head to create the desired results. 

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