Tommy Armour Impact Putter reviews

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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The online reviews agree that Tommy Armour Impact Putters are of the highest quality. Nearly every review has a four out of five-star rating and speaks about the pleasant sound of the clubface striking the ball.

There is also high praise for the stylish club head, which incorporates lining up a putt into the overall design, as seen when looking down at the putter. 

These putters are keepers; when players mention owning one of Tommy Armour’s Impact Putters, they speak about not trading them away or selling them.

These are some of the best putters on the market if you want to try a new brand outside the major golfing equipment manufacturers.

Man in short pants taking a shot - Tommy Armour Impact Putter reviews.

What is the Quality of this Product?

The Tommy Armour Impact Putter is one of those clubs that, once you use it, you will never want to part with it. So many golfers talk about the incredible feel their clubs have when putting on the green and using the club for the first time.

In many cases, when a golfer switched to one of these putters, they had seen improvement. Their one-putt, two-putt numbers on the green, and overall score all saw improvement.

Then again, consider that these clubs are fairly priced within the market, and you find the quality for the cost is in the customer’s favor.


How do you Maintain it?

There are simple routines that a player can get into that will help increase the longevity of the putter and also help maintain the look and feel of the putt itself. 

Of course, the easiest way to keep a club in good condition is to clean it after every time out and take that extra time when you get home from the course.

This means taking a towel, soaking it in essential warm water, and cleaning the club head, focusing on the crevices and clubface. 

Otherwise, consider looking online or in golfing retail stores for cleaning supplies designed explicitly for club shafts, grips, and, yes, also club heads.


What are its Best Features?

In 2022, Tommy Armour had an update to the Impact in 2021; this included updating the impact putter line with a dual alignment design for better accuracy. A topline dot and the cavity line create a visual aid that helps the player line up the putt.

There is also the feature of having the 6061 aluminum milled and backed by nitrile-butadiene rubber, which has created a softer feel on Impact. Then you might find that the best feature is the price.

Normally a putter of this quality will run you near two hundred dollars or upwards of a few thousand dollars. Still, Tommy Armour will stay lower than that per club.


Is it Suitable for Beginners?

Most experts start with the classic say for beginners looking to upgrade their grandfathers’ clubs, get fitted by a professional fitter. Then, they will determine if a Tommy Armour Impact putter is a good fit for an early-on player, not a seasoned pro.

The best route is to go with a traditional putter, the one out of the family bag is good, or a second hand thrift store. 

However, purchasing a putter of this caliber is right up your alley if you need to dedicate or commit to the sport. As always, do the research and find the right fit.


Is it Too Expensive?

Though these clubs are somewhat pricey, in comparison to some of the more expensive clubs, they come at a relatively fair price. 

Let us examine this in a few ways; for instance, if you are a low-income earner and find yourself without much spending money, then you will find these clubs to be out of budget more often than not.

Let us be honest; we hope to find one in the Play it Again bin at a second hand price. Suppose you are:


  • An up-and-coming player.
  • A seasoned pro.
  • A veteran weekend player 


And you have a bit of spending money. In that case, a Tommy Armour Impact Putter might be an excellent tool to fit in the golf bag.


Final Thoughts on Tommy Armour Impact Putter 

I think these clubs were by the Scottish-American Golfer Tommy Armour, a three-time major winner of the 1927 U.S. Open, 1930 PGA Championship, and 1931 Open Championship. 

The company started as Burke Golf Company; the founder William Burke was known for supplying quality hickory whipstocks for buggy whips.

After the golf community got wind of the quality hickory products that Burke was manufacturing, they had to have them. So, in 1985, the official switch to Tommy Armour Golf Company took place. 

The putters have the highest praise from the golfing community and are one of those keeper clubs that never leave the bag.

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