TPC Las Vegas vs. TPC Summerlin

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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The President’s Cup is a series of golf tournaments that matches the best of the United States against the international community, minus Europe, which has the Ryder Cup to compete over.

For this article’s purposes, the focus will be on these two golf courses from the southwestern desert lands of Nevada.

Both tournaments are held in the Las Vegas, Nevada region of the United States; the TPC Summerlin golf course has been in operation since 1991, and the TPC Las Vegas, previously known as the TPC at the Canyons, was opened in 1996.

Man wearing white t shirt and black pant is practicing golf in a ground and a golf kit behind him - TPC Las Vegas vs. TPC Summerlin.

Which One is More Popular?

For years, even before the TPC Las Vegas course was built or even thought of, the TPC Summerlin golf course was open for play.

Then, as the first five years went by, the TPC at the Canyons was built, which helped relieve the vast number of golfers using the Las Vegas golf courses from the crowds.

Even today, the private Summerlin golf course has the number one golf course in Nevada plaque from 2006, to which the staff holds themselves to a standard.

The answer, however, will be that the TPC Las Vegas is the more popular course, simply because it is a public golf course and Summerlin is private.


Which One has More Quality?

This question rests on opinion more than fact, as there will be certain elements to consider when comparing the two golf courses.

The TPC Summerlin is an older course that has won awards, including the best in Nevada for 2006 year, and was designed by renowned golf designer Bobby Weed with the help of Fuzzy Zoeller.

Similarly, when the public course was added to the Summerlin property in 1996, many celebrities and golf pros agreed that TPC Las Vegas is one of the ‘Best places to play,’ according to Golf Digest.


Pros and Cons: TPC Las Vegas vs. TPC Summerlin

There are a plethora of pros to playing on these two magnificent courses, and the cons are simply this.

First, Summerlin is a private course, which sucks for the golf fan just looking to walk the golf course, but it is made up for by the high standards of the staff when it comes to the upkeep of the resort.

The TPC Las Vegas pro is that the par-71 is open to anyone who can complete the eighteen-hole course. The con would be the price to play a round which currently stands at two hundred and fifty dollars per person.


Price Range: TPC Las Vegas vs. TPC Summerlin

This is a more complex comparison than it would appear, the difficulty being that the Summerlin course requires monthly or yearly membership depending on the involvement of others on the golf course.

There are four categories; Personal Golf (depends), Corporate Golf (various packages), Sports Social ($5,000 annually, $255 monthly), and Dining Social ($2,000 yearly, $70 monthly).

As for getting on the public side of the resort, the TPC Las Vegas is a much cheaper option. Each round of eighteen holes will cost an individual around two hundred and fifty dollars.


Final Verdict: TPC Las Vegas vs. TPC Summerlin

There is a big difference in the access between these two golf courses, located in the same city and state.

TPC Summerlin holds a high-standard tradition for the private side of the resort, which can be seen each year during the Senior PGA tour events held there and the President’s Cup tournaments.

The TPC Las Vegas, formerly known as TPC at the Canyons, being a public golf course, has not diminished the quality course designs from Bobby Weed and Robert Floyd.

If you can afford the hefty two hundred and fifty dollar price tag to play there, it would be well worth the time and money.

The Las Vegas area is full of entertainment options and lodging, and the self-titled ‘Sin City’ is flooded with regulars, tourists, and vacationers alike.

The Casino capital of the United States is a fun place for the adult population, even those just looking for a good golf course to play.

TPC Las Vegas and TPC Summerlin are a pair of the highest-quality golf courses in the United States, and the prices of admission and membership reflect that.

It will cost a single golfer two hundred and fifty dollars to golf alone on the public course and possibly thousands in membership fees to play the Summerlin. Of course, you could become a pro and play for free come tournament time.

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