What Does MP Stand For Mizuno?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Mizuno offers various lines of clubs; MP stands for Mizuno Pro series. When a Mizuno product has the MP in front of it, they refer to the series of clubs that debuted in 1984 under the MS series, which made it until 1991.

The MS series name was dropped for MP with the introduction of the Mizuno MP-29. The MP-29 series stood the test of time, holding value in the golfing market from its release in 1992 to the turn of the millennium year 2000, the same as its predecessor.

Not bad for a Baseball equipment store from 1913; I wonder what the Mizuno brothers would think of their legacy.

A golf iron touching a golf ball on green grass - What Does MP Stand For Mizuno?

What are other Golf Abbreviations?

In golf, it is easy to find abbreviations for particular series of clubs or special releases. For example, when Mizuno started producing irons, in 1990, with the TP original, T-10, TP-11, TP-9, and TP-Z, it wasn’t until 2002 when the MP (Mizuno Pro) was released to the public.

2004 released MX-20 (Mizuno Extreme) and eventually replaced by the JPX (Japan Performance Extreme) series clubs in 2011.

These names are to simplify the longer terms; Still, there is a certain amount of creativity when it comes to producing catchy two, three letter abbreviations for the marketplace.


What is the Difference Between Maximum and Total Proficiency?

The definition of a proficient swing from a golf pro goes like this: a deft golf swing starts with a power-building backswing and continues after impact into the follow-through and finish.

Maximum proficiency is the bar at which the elusive “perfect swing” is, whereas, in contrast, total proficiency would be the actual result of the swing being performed.

These two terms are meant to help instruct golfers, beginners, amateurs, and even professionals on how to get the most out of each drive and each stroke and to allow a golfer to perform at their best.


What does Mizuno Pro Mean?

Mizuno Pro, the MP series of clubs, refers to the 90’s released clubs using a thousand-ton forging hammer to produce a professional quality club.

Mizuno reached the pinnacle of golf manufacturing when in the 1970s, Europe began importing tour pros, sometimes needing ten sets of a particular iron.

As mentioned before, it was in the early 90’s that the MP-33, Mizuno’s first CAD-designed blade, was introduced to the market. After that, the Mizuno Pro series was born and took off.

Today’s professional tour players made it the most used player brand in US PGA and European tours.


What do the Mizuno Numbers Mean?

The numbers on the clubs refer to the club size, and you have your irons numbered two through nine, along with three wood and five wood. These numbers are the standard club sizes for the tour and help a player distinguish between clubs designed for certain shots.

Now, regarding the numbers that follow, say, MP in the model MP-18 SC, the number refers to the year in which the club type was released. In this instance, the Mizuno Pro iron model MP- 18 was released in 2018.

Similarly, the JPX921 was released in 2021 in Hot Metal Pro, Hot Metal, and Forged varieties.


Who Should Use Mizuno MP?

These clubs are designed to help every player improve. The Mizuno Pro series is not named so that only professionals can use them but instead refers to the quality of the product.

Mizuno is one of the game’s most trusted brands; some boldly say their irons are in an elite category. But, in the end, having a set of irons from Mizuno is not a bad plan, and the forging style makes these playable for every golfer.

The MP model of clubs can help the average golfer, the everyday player, to the tour professional improve.


Final Thoughts What does MP stand for Mizuno

Mizuno produces quality products for all levels of play, not just the PGA tour or European tour professionals. So when selecting from the MP, Mizuno Pro, and model clubs, know that you are receiving a quality forged product.

JPX comes in three main varieties; Hot Metal Pro and Hot Metal, along with the Forged brand clubs, all of which are made using different metal folding techniques.

Remember to research before committing large sums of money to a set of clubs; the best route is always to find a place to test the clubs and get a natural feel for how they feel in the swing.

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