What is SF Tec on Ping Driver?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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After creating a prototype putter in 1959, Karsten Solheim putt with it for the first time; Upon impact, the tuning fork design produced a ‘ping.’ Over the years, the PING golf company has become a household name in the world community of Golf.

SF Tec is a custom-engineered clubhead design where the weight is shifted closer to the heel, which produces a right-to-left shot bend (Straight-Flight Technology) which, for many, can help keep the ball on the fairway.

Dragonfly wing patterns inspired the design, and PING engineers attempted to replicate the ultra-thin crown sections.

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What does the SF Tec Stand for?

The SF stands for Straight-Flight, add technologies, and you get the full picture of the direction the PING decided to go. This is, of course, inspired, but the “slice was correcting” engineering that comes with goes into each club head.

What does the SF on the club stand for, more than just straight flight? It stands for the people that designed and engineered the club, the testers that helped perfect it, and the manufacturers that put the product together.


What is the Difference between Pin LS TEC and SF Tec?

PING drivers have earned the reputation of having the best golf technology and futuristic design. This leads us to the PING G LS TEC, designed to optimize launch and maximize driving distances for players with excessive spin rates.

PING G SF TEC is different and geared to help with slicing by placing weight closer to the heel.

The difference between the two drivers is where the weight has been shifted within the club head, how the ball reacts at the moment of impact, and who will benefit from the differing setups.


What are its Features?

PING has a very in-depth design for the G SF Tec driver; the engineers moved the center of gravity to the lower back of the club head, generating greater distance and elevating MOI on both axes, maximizing the forgiveness.

In addition, the club face was engineered to have less drag and given a loft adjustment of a degree to take advantage of the high-strength, lightweight aluminum sleeve.

The driver club designers use Vortec technology to reduce turbulent wake throughout the swing giving the player a smoother and softer feel when connecting to the ball and onto the follow-through.


How Much Does it Cost?

The golfing world community covets PING Straight flight technology, and it isn’t easy to find a single driver for purchase under one hundred dollars. Some newer drivers are listed as retailing for five hundred and forty dollars or more.

What to take from this is that these are not cheap clubs; if you are lucky enough to find one in a secondhand store for anything less, it will be a rarity. If you are set on getting a PING, the best plan would be to find a pro fitter and get a swing analysis done.


Does it have Quality?

When you think of the top manufacturers of golf clubs in the world, PING is in the conversation; their STF tech drivers, as mentioned above, have a resale value of at least one hundred dollars.

However, from the ratings online, G SF Tec has everyone talking about the quality of the product and giving those brand drivers the highest five-star ratings.

In short, Straight Flight Technology has created a stir within the golfing community; with it, PING has become a top provider of quality clubs. You could do worse than buying and playing with one of these drivers.


Final Thoughts on What is SF Tec on Ping Driver?

‘Ping’ was the sound of a revolution in Golf, from the kitchen of Karsten and Louise Solheim to which the PING 1-A putter was created. The standard flight design with the lower and deeper center of the gravity club head will help a slice turn into a fairway finder.

The G STF Tech is worth the time to research your own swing; this would be best done by getting a swing evaluation with a certified professional and then getting a fitting with the data given. If you have a natural slice to your swing, this club will provide you with the solution.

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