What is the Point of a Golf Glove?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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The glove was invented to protect a person’s hands from the elements, which is true for golf gloves as well.

The point is to provide a second skin of the sort, one that can stand up to the repeated pressure and friction from each swing, each time replacing and selecting a club and every other action and movement performed on a golf course.

The thing about repetitive movements is that certain parts of the body are exposed to more pressure and contact friction, which adds up over time and can result in injuries like blistering, a second-degree burn condition.

Person standing wearing a golf glove - What is the Point of a Golf Glove?

Is a Golf Glove Necessary?

There are going to be different opinions about this, but the fact remains that players have gone their entire lives without playing with gloves, Fred Couples, for example.

He proves that these pieces of equipment are not mandatory, but the other party will say the blister protection has made the glove a must-have when playing multiple rounds in a single week.

There will be irrefutable evidence proving that golf gloves prevent hand injuries for players, even when competing in tournament play. Therefore, to answer the question, no, the glove is not needed but comes highly recommended.


Do any pro Golfers Play without Gloves?

As mentioned above, Fred Couples has been famously known for not wanting to wear gloves and even when he would play as a child.

The story goes that his parents paid him only so much so he could play at the local course. The issue was that he went through gloves faster than he could save up.

The solution was to stop wearing gloves, save the money it cost to continuously replace them, and spend that money on paying dues and other fees. Other PGA tour professionals and tournament winners who play without gloves include Jim Furyk and Jonathon Byrd.


What are the Advantages of Gloves?

The primary advantage of golfing gloves is protecting your hands from damaging conditions and elements.

Including the effects weather will have, helping keep your hands from sweating, or providing a sure grip and confidence in knowing the club will not go flying after performing a full swing.

Many of the newer designs and styles of gloves will be with grip in mind. The better the grip, the higher level of confidence a player feels in their equipment, and as all golfers know, this translates into other parts of the game.

This can be a difference maker of a few drives, which can build confidence and momentum as the play goes forward.


Do you Wear Golf Gloves for Every Shot?

In fact, a golfer will not wear gloves for every shot; for instance, many players will not wear gloves when putting, where grip is not as important.

Likewise, some players will wear gloves only in the tee box, preferring to keep it simple, while others will vow that having gloves for the irons provides an additional boost to confidence.

When on the green, there is hardly any situation that requires a full swing or a blister-causing effort, which then will help novices understand why professionals take their gloves off after each shot, also to help keep hands and gloves dry.


How Many Rounds will a Golf Glove last?

On average, for professional-level golfers, the lifespan of a pair of golfing gloves will be between five and ten rounds. When it comes to the Amateur golfer, a pair of gloves will last beyond the ten rounds, more often than not.

This refers to when the integrity of the gloves begins to break down and begin to wear thin or crack, which can cause blistering or discomfort when playing a round.

As a result, most professional players will change out their gloves every two rounds, more frequently than the average, to avoid any loss to focus or precision.


Final Thoughts on What is the point of a Golf Glove

Golf gloves are not mandatory, and there are professionals that prefer to play without them. However, most will prefer to use the added protection in an effort to avoid injuries similar to blistering.

There will be a major difference in the wear of gloves which will depend on the quality of materials used, the time spent on the course, and the brand.

There are going to be some major golf manufacturers that are known to make top-level golfing equipment, including gloves. The best place to try them out will be at the local pro shop or sporting goods stores.

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