What State Plays The Most Golf?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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This question must be broken down into a few different categories; first off, we must find the state with the most golf courses available.

That would be Florida, with over a thousand golf courses available, closely followed by California, with over nine hundred golf courses reported. The other part of the question would be finding out which state has the most active golfers.

Here the result changes very slightly because Florida still holds number one because of the abundance of golf retirement communities, but this also brings Arizona into the conversation with its growing retirement community.

Lastly, we need to find the state with the most tournaments in which Florida and California are mentioned, but so aren’t Michigan and Ohio.

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What are the Top five states with the most players?

As mentioned above, a few states, like Florida and Arizona, have retirement numbers. For Florida, this helps add to the abundance of PGA establishments, making the number one easy shoo-in for the PGA Hall of Fame home.

Then you have Michigan, which has landed sixth in the country for facilities quality and has hosted dozens of major championships.

Ohio comes into the top five with a similar facility ranking as Michigan, and South Carolina settles in as well with possibly an equal passion to the Floridians. Finally, with its higher populations and pleasant weather, California rounds out our top five.


What is the Best State to Play Golf in?

The easy answer is Florida; the courses there are PGA tour quality, and not to mention the PGA Golfing Hall of Fame is there, and over a thousand different places to play will help keep the crowds down.

In addition, the weather is good all year, and the enthusiasm is only matched in states like South Carolina.

To give a different perspective, the best place to live and play golf might be Aurora, Colorado. There are three hundred days of sun in the Rocky Mountain state, and the metro town has the best course-to-player ratio in the country at 2.9 player residents per course.


Which state has the most PGAs?

Here we find a different state than Florida to top our list; California has more victories by residents than any other state, but most PGA golfers live in New York and house over eight hundred players.

Between New York, Michigan and Texas host over eight hundred professional golfers.

We have a different result regarding states that host PGAs; in this scenario, New York comes out on top with around twenty major US Open Championships and thirteen PGA Major championships.

Again, this is because of the high number of complete courses that can be found in the state.


What is the Best State to Play Golf in?

A question like this will need to be examined further, what will make the state the best for golfing? Is it the number of courses available, the quality of the courses, the challenge level of the golf courses, or the communities within the state?

With those elements in mind, the best state to play golf in would be Oregon; one reason is that Bandon Dunes is a resort unlike any other; it is designed by world-renowned course architects and has plenty of different courses to play to keep the game fresh.

Plus, the consistent moisture of Oregon keeps the landscape green, lush, and pleasant to be immersed in.


Which Country Plays the Most Golf?

The game of golf was invented in the United Kingdom, in the northern country of Scotland. So it seems fit that the country that plays the most golf would be this region.

The country that plays the most golf would be found a little further south on the island of Ireland. The enthusiasm for the game is the densest here, and the popularity of golf is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

In contrast, most golf courses reside in the United States, with above sixteen thousand total clubhouses, then Japan and the United Kingdom come in second and third with numbers closer to three thousand complete golf courses.


Final Thoughts on What State Plays the Most golf

Golf has grown in popularity worldwide, places like Ireland and Japan hold the game in high regard, and its popularity only continues to rise. Here in the United States, the number of players also continues to increase, with the number of courses.

With over sixteen thousand golf courses to choose from, no wonder the golfing Hall of Fame resides in the United States.

The sport is taught in most schools and provides scholarship opportunities for those golfers looking to get into higher education colleges and universities using their abilities and skill at the game to compete at the highest levels.

Not bad for a little white ball and a crooked stick.

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