What year is Mizuno MP 60?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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There are few companies like Mizuno when it comes to innovation and invention, which brings up the Cut Muscle Design Technology that was introduced in 2005 with the MP-32 irons and followed up in 2006 with the MP-60 irons. 

Both sets, for your information, won Golf magazine’s tester’s top pick for their respective years.

These clubs have a value of one thousand and two hundred dollars at Mizuno’s suggested retail price for a brand-new set; from what the golfing community is saying, that’s a fair price. Used sets will be more affordable, in the hundred-dollar range.

Two guys with golf irons in their hands - What year is Mizuno MP 60?

Was the Model Popular?

After hitting the market in the early 2000s, Mizuno’s popularity soared when the M-32 and M-60 irons were introduced. The popularity was the incredible solid shot feel and the incredible forgiveness when a miss occurs.

Mizuno has always been known for their quality irons; these MP-60 series hold up to the standards set by the golfing community. 

So what happened was the engineers and club designers found a way to forge a set of irons with a professional appearance and the perfect combination of forgiveness and workability.


What are They Made Of?

Within the art of forging, many metal alloys are used to create golfing equipment; Mizuno is no exception in unique metal compounds. 

As if out of the medieval age, clubs have replaced swords, but the metallurgy and understanding of the more rigid materials have improved immensely.

For their MP-60 set of irons, the Mizuno Golf Company, released in 2005, and their team of club designers, engineers, and metal workers select from 1025 Mild Carbon Steel to 1025E pure select sheets of steel.

Boron infused steel and Chromoly forged. Take those metals, melt them down and forge an Mp-60.


What Hand Availability Does it Have?

As with most Mizuno products, the MP-60 set of irons is available in both left and right-handed forms. Not only that, but with a proper fitting, a golfer will have the ability to get those clubs sized for themselves or anyone interested in using these quality clubs.

MP-60 Mizuno iron sets are also available in junior, men’s, and women’s sizes to have both left- and right-hand availability. 

As far as being able to provide a quality club to any golfer that wants one, Mizuno is easily one of the best at having the products open to everyone and all players.


Set Makeup

Few are savvy to the terminology set makeup, which refers to the clubs in the bag when out on the course. The most important thing to know about golf club set makeup is that each golfer is unique in their approach to the game, and this is because of various factors.

For instance, take an average player with prominent Driver ability; this player will want an excellent driver to maximize the distance off the tee. In addition, the short game will need to be addressed, and a good pin wedge and sand wedge will be required. 

Still, more importantly, this golfer could use more forgiving irons in the 6-iron, 7-iron, 8-iron, and 9-iron because of the long driving ability.


Is it Worth Buying?

When talking about quality, or if a club fits how it feels to a player, these elements make up the reasons to go out and get a professional quality iron- set. So are the Mizuno MP-60 irons worth buying? 

To a serious golfing enthusiast, the answer is yes. The MP-60 design was meant to have solid contact but high levels of forgiveness for those misses; in other words, these clubs have been engineered to help reduce the impact of the missed shot. 

So for those that have someone that golfs a lot and could use some help with their short-game confidence, these clubs are worth it.


Final Thoughts on What Year is Mizuno MP 60

Mizuno is one of the finest producers of Golf clubs in the world, being one of the foremost leaders in innovation and futuristic technology development. 

The quality of their forged irons is almost unmatched in the golfing community; the MP-60 line of irons is no exception.

These irons are forgiving but have the solid contact feel that all golfers seek. The clubs are forged using the highest quality steel; Boron infused steel with Chromoly to be more accurate.

As with any major purchase, there needs to be a period of research and fact-finding. Used second-hand clubs are inexpensive and a fantastic alternative to buying a brand-new set.

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