Which Hand Do you Wear Golf Gloves on?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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The reason for the golf glove is to provide a player additional grip and protection from blistering, which in turn can boost a golfer’s confidence in their swing. 

But, of course, there are going to be players that do not wear gloves, like Fred Couples, while others will wear both, like Tommy’ Two Gloves’ Gainey. 

Traditionally, the player will wear one glove on the off-hand or bottom-hand, leaving the dominant hand free for teeing up a ball or placing a placement token. Righties, this will be the left hand, and southpaws will wear one on their right hand. 

Golf equipment on green grass - Which Hand Do you Wear Golf Gloves on?

Why Do You Only Wear a Golf Glove?

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are going to be two reasons to wear golf gloves: to protect from injuries and improve a player’s grip. The dominant hand will not have the same grip as the bottom hand, so the glove must be on that off-hand. 

This, however, does not mean the dominant hand will not be at risk of blistering, as the grip causes the clubs’ shaft to come in contact with the fleshy part of the palm. On the other hand, you are more likely to receive an injury for your information databases. 


Can You Wear Gloves on Both Hands?

Yes, there will be a good reason to wear two pairs of gloves, and no rule restricts a player from wearing them. Most notably, Jack Nicklaus and ‘Two Gloves’ Gainey break with tradition, choosing to go with what is comfortable rather than what is normal. 

Golfers are always looking for pieces of equipment that improve their confidence in executing the shots they want; the best players will have the ability to hit the different shots when needed if wearing a glove on each hand gets you there. Do it. 

Golf equipment manufacturers are looking for ways to help players improve their game and want to take some credit along the way. 


What Hand Do You Wear a Glove on If You Shoot left?

A leftie, or southpaw, will want to start by wearing a glove on their off-hand, which in this case will be the right hand. The right hand, for lefties, creates a natural uppercut. 

Therefore, having a grip on that hand will help prevent blistering in places that a right-handed player might not need to worry about. 

Think about it in terms of protection and improvement; your gloves are additional layers to protect the skin from repeated abrasion and friction causing injuries. 

Also, when it comes to grip strength and how today’s gloves’ stick’ to the club shaft, the players’ focus shifts percentages to execution and off of concern about the club going flying. 


What if a Glove Makes You Uncomfortable?

Another benefit of wearing gloves is a sense of comfort, and when a glove becomes worn out or misshapen, it will be time to replace them. If the gloves are uncomfortable, do not buy them, or it is time to retire the old gloves and pick up a new pair. 

If the wearing of the gloves causes discomfort, then again, remember to try playing without them. The PGA tour had its fair share of major tournament championship winners that wore two or no gloves when they played. 

It all comes down to the individual and which methods help them to be more successful. 


How Many Gloves Do You Need per Match?

Since it will be difficult to determine how many holes will be played during match play before needing to replace a pair of gloves, we will speak about the average durability of a pair of golfing gloves. 

This is going to be around five to ten rounds of golf, depending on the preference of the professional players. 

Average Amateurs will have a grace period of additional five-plus holes, depending on the frequency of play and wear patterns of the gloves after use. Therefore, it will be wise to have two or three pairs of gloves in the best of circumstances. 


Final Thoughts on Which hand do you wear golf gloves on

The last thing a player wants is to get a blister that causes them to miss time golfing or lose performance because a certain golfing glove is not a good fit. 

Finding the right pair of gloves can take time, but it will be a matter of trying on pairs at your local pro shops or local sports retail stores. 

Getting the right fitting glove can change your game, spark improvement, and, more importantly, improve a person’s confidence. 


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