Which US State Has The Most Golf Courses Per Capita?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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According to the latest data, there are about five thousand four hundred and sixty-eight people for every course in North Dakota, making it number one in 2022, moving up from number two in 2021.

Of course, this does not mean that most golf courses reside in North Dakota, just that there is more availability for golfers than in any other state.

This is strange since states like Florida and California have around one thousand golf courses each. Yet, at the same time, North Dakota has only about five or six dozen courses throughout the state.

People practicing golf shots - Which US State Has The Most Golf Courses Per Capita?

Why does Florida Have the Most Golf Courses?


Florida, like California, has the most golf courses because of the year-round availability regarding seasonal temperatures and the overall land mass available to build on.

There are currently over a thousand two hundred and fifty links to choose from when in the sunshine state. Why they have so many courses down there is because of a few main reasons, we have covered the cozy weather year-round, including the lack of snow.

There are also tourist vacation resorts along the beaches, which covers most of the state, and the high population of retirees living down there.


Which State has the most PGA Players?

Earning the reputation as a golfer’s haven, even the world’s golf capital, Florida takes the crown regarding having the most PGA tour players living there. According to one source, over one thousand PGA-eligible players reside in Florida.

Exact counts may vary, but from the data, Florida and California have the most significant draw regarding the PGA player’s preferences in living. Provided below is a list of the states and the number of PGA players that live there as of 2022:


  • Florida – 1055
  • California – 928
  • New York – 832
  • Michigan – 825
  • Texas – 808
  • Ohio – 757
  • Pennsylvania – 690
  • Illinois – 669


Which State is the Golf Capital of the US?

As mentioned before, the sunshine state has attained a few other titles along the way, including the golfing capital of the world. So, Scottsdale, Arizona, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to name a few.

Florida has the most golf courses, the most PGA players, and some of the grandest golf resorts known on the planet earth.

Officially, the PGA Museum of Golf is located at the PBA village in Port St. Lucie, Florida and the World Golf Hall of Fame and Museum is in St. Augustine, Florida.

So therefore, you are making the argument for the sunshine state, as the Golf capital of the United States, a viable one.


What Town in the US has the Most Golf Courses?

Golf is one of those games with multiple places that have a genuine enthusiasm for the game, and this town may surprise you when we reveal the US town. The city of Aurora, Colorado, has about three residents per golf course per ten thousand residents.

As for the city that was given the best overall rating for the best town for golfers, it went to Scottsdale, Arizona, with a score of nearly sixty points.

This is compared to number two, Orlando, Florida, at forty-five points, and number three, Cincinnati, Ohio, with a score of forty-three points.


What is the Oldest Golf Course in the USA?

Savannah, Georgia, holds the secret to the oldest golf course in the United States; in 1744, the colonial power of the British Empire had established their colony and thus brought the sport of Golf with them to the new world.

As a result, the Savannah Golf Club, claimed to be opened around 1794, along with Oakhurst Links, are the oldest known golf courses built in the US.

It was at the home of Russell Montague, a golf enthusiast from the state of West Virginia, that acted as the clubhouse for the first United States golf course in 1884. Other notable old courses would be The Royal Montreal Golf Club in Canada on July 7th, 1884.


Final Thoughts on  Which US state has the Most Golf Courses per Capita

The United States of America has around forty-two percent of the world’s golf courses, making the US a haven for this sort of Golf.

Then you have the beach haven of Florida and the Sunny weather of western states like Arizona, Nevada, and California; to round up the examples, we visit Eugene, Oregon, for world-class golf course design.

Even the mountain state of Colorado has golfing enthusiasts; Aurora, within the Denver metro area, has a ratio of three residents per golf course.

In addition, there are stories of elk hanging out on the courses in Estes Park, nestled in the Rocky Mountain National Park region of Colorado.

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