Why Does My Golf Glove Wear Out In The Palm?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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There are many reasons for the wear patterns of sporting equipment. Many of the gloves and foot covering equipment will eventually have holes in them.

These are normally created by friction, and the heat from that constant interaction and grinding ‘burns’ a hole in the fabric and leaves a hole.

This is a similar interaction when it comes to a golf glove and the wear caused by the frequent friction from a stroke. Think, each hole will average three swings depending on the par set and the skill level of the individual golfer.

Man took a shot with a golf club - Why Does My Golf Glove Wear Out In The Palm?

Is this Common?

This type of wear is all too common with baseball, golf, and softball gloves, all of which are caused by the friction from the swinging action taken during their respective sports.

The reason for the hole placement depends on the player and their swing habits, meaning elements like how they hold their club and how they swing will determine the placement of the hole produced.

Most golfers will hold the club in the middle of their hands, right on the palm, which will create friction not only on the swing but also when removing the club from the bag and placing it back after use.


Why does it Happen?

As mentioned earlier in the article, this will happen because friction is created between the golf club shaft and the glove covering the player’s hands.

As a result, as the player goes through a stroke, the hands pivot and rotate as it reaches the bottom and whips back up into the follow-through.

At each point of this swing, there is a certain amount of friction and pressure created to which heat is made, weakening the material in the palm area where the club and glove come in contact with each other.

In simple terms, the heat created by the friction over time ‘burns’ a hole in the glove material.


How can You Prevent it?

There will be treatment oils and products from sporting manufacturers that make gloves, and these oils will be able to reduce the friction between the club and glove but also give the glove an additional layer of protection from heat and other elements.

There is also going to be after-play care that can be performed to help keep the glove’s fabric and materials sturdy.

For instance, consider wetting your gloves before playing to help loosen the fabric and allow water to reduce the impact of the heat created in the first couple of hours of play.


What Golf Glove Lasts the Longest?

There will be many that will claim to have the longest-lasting and most durable pair of golfing gloves on the market, from Nike to Titleist and all the other bigger-named golfing manufacturers.

To give a fresh example, we will be talking about a glove made by a not-so-well-know producer of golf equipment, Zero Friction.

The glove we are talking about comes with a compression fit and claims to have a universal one-size-fits-all. The reason for the durability is due to the synthetic microfiber materials used, like the lycra stretch fabric and genuine leather.


Does it Mean You’re Gripping Incorrectly?

The telling sign of how a player grips their clubs will be told on the gloves they wear when playing. Interpreting the placement of the club in one’s hands and comparing that to the results of each shot will tell you if you are gripping incorrectly.

Now, if you are getting wear patterns in the palm of your hands, that is telling you that you are at least holding the club in the right place.

To truly get a reading on your stroke, be sure to have a swing evaluation done by a professional, and they will give you additional information about the wear on your gloves could not.


Final Thoughts on Why does my Golf glove wear out in the Palm

Golfing equipment is the part of the game that will give you an edge, especially when those clubs and accessories provide confidence with a side of results.

In addition, having gloves that fit right will provide a sure grip that will give a player an edge on the course, being a source of confidence for every stroke and approach.

Be mindful of the wear patterns of your gloves. These might be signs of bad swing habits. And another thing, getting treatment from Rawlings or Wilson will go a long way in preventing the mentioned wear and tear on the gloves.

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