Wilson D200 vs. D300 Drivers

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Wilson is one of those century-old sports manufacturing companies that innovate every few years or so, especially within the past two dozen years (2023). 

Golfers have seen Wilson golf clubs undergo technological changes, incorporating new features to improve play. When you think about the D200 Wilson driver, the club head’s lightweight nature, improved distances, and higher ball flights. 

The D300 Drivers are more of a simple style of a golf club, with a single adjuster on the bottom of the club head, and provide improvements in carry and overall distances as well as increased launch angle and ball spin rates. 

What are the Similarities?

Both of these Wilson drivers will be from the same decade, which just so happens to be when the engineers had a breakthrough in Flex face and Power slot features. 

Each provides an increase in overall distances off the tee, but these two drivers will also have higher loft angle designs to improve carry and landing spot control. 

Both drivers will come in lady sizes and have accompanying irons that are a part of the D200 and D300 series of clubs. 

Not to mention that each set of golf clubs is referred to as improvement clubs. This is because the irons are known to improve distance but also provide a higher level of forgiveness. 


What are the Differences?

There are going to be some tweaks when it comes to the design change from the D200 to the D300 Wilson drivers. The first thing a player will notice when looking at these two club heads side to side will be the difference in styling. 

The D300 will have aerodynamic micro vortex generators on the top of the club, which are created to increase club head speed. 

After looking at the clubs, you might take a practice swing or two, which then you will notice that the D200 driver will be considerably lighter by about five grams, to be exact. 


Pros and Cons: Wilson D200 vs. D300

When it comes to the older Wilson D200 drivers, you will find that the lighter weight club head will make it easier to increase the ball speed off the tee, which will equate to longer distances and higher ball flight patterns. 

The cons to these drivers will be the radical nature of the ball flights will be with a single mistake, meaning if you do not hit it flush, these clubs are not the most forgiving. 

The Wilson D300 is going to be heavier, which can be a con for some, but the pro will be the newly designed micro vortex generators.  


Which one is Easier to Maintain?

When it comes to cleaning, you might find it difficult to clean the vortex generators of the Wilson D300 drivers, especially when compared to the smoother finish of the D200 drivers. 

However, there are not going to be any specialized tools or cleaning equipment needed. All that a player needs is a towel and some warm water.

This brings us to the point of debate, which will stand up, the lighter materials of the D200 drivers or the breakable pieces that accompany the newer D300 drivers? 

Some reviews talk about the vortex generators as ‘disappointing’ or ‘malfunctioning’ in the case that the golf club head speed does not increase. 


Which one Lasts Longer?

The reality of the Golf club industry is that a new innovation or technological advancement happens annually. Sometimes you will find that a golf club manufacturer will have multiple releases in a single year. 

As far as how long these drivers last, the D200 clubs were released in 2015, while the D300 drivers were in 2017 and still can be found at second-hand sporting goods stores, online PGA, and auction sites.  

There is an average lifespan of around forty rounds or anywhere between three and five seasons; from many reviews and opinions, there are hardly any complaints about these solid improvement clubs. 


Final Thoughts on Wilson D200 vs. D300 Drivers 

As the innovations and technological advancements in golfing equipment improve, Wilson will have something for the average to the improvement-club level golfer. 

Each Driver has a small change or improvement to continue providing consistent control and increased distances in both carry and overall measurements. 

If you are a young player looking to take a step up, especially on a high school team, or to improve your weekend scores, Wilson D200 and D300 drivers will help you with distance, but also a nice level of control when it comes to ball flight and landing location. 

As a reminder, no matter the club, a professional fitting goes a long way in ensuring a better-fitting set of golf clubs. 


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