Winn Jumbo Putter Grip vs. Superstroke

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Winn is the OG of premium golf grip production, which all started with a frustrating week playing at the Gold Digest Academy in California and was the catalyst that started Dr. Huang to begin innovating and revolutionizing the golf industry.

The Jumbo Putter grips will have Excel polymer materials and now a hexagon pattern for a better feel and performance.

SuperStroke would be the young upstart in this comparison; founded in 2009, the folks decided to launch a company with a radically different approach to the putter grip.

Even though they are a young company, they have caught the attention of professionals by being featured in PGA players’ tournaments.

Man with a putter in hands - Winn Jumbo Putter Grip vs. Superstroke.

Which One is Sold More?

One of the significant competition points for a business, especially one wanting to grow, would be the marketing of the available products.

However, when you compare these two companies, the legendary company speaks for itself and needs to do little marketing outside of sponsorships in the major sporting events in which its products are featured.

This gives Winn’s jumbo putter grips a significant advantage as far as exposure and quality reputation, and yes, it does conclude this comparison with Winn easily winning in which brand is more popular and sells more units.

On the other hand, SuperStroke is gaining momentum, making waves in the industry despite the youth of the company.


What are the Differences?

The significant differences will be in the materials the golf club grips are manufactured with. Winn jumbo grips are made with a polymer known as the excel polymer and, most recently, are designed with a hexagonal pattern option.

In addition, Winn has developed a secret selection of polymers fit for all-weather types providing grip when an athlete needs it.

The SuperStroke will have more popular models, the square and Jordan Spieth Family Foundation Limited Edition putter, which have sold out (as of the end of 2022).

Their designs are also private, along with the materials used in the production of the grips, but they provide quality grips for the everyday golfer.


Pros and Cons: Winn jumbo putter grip vs. SuperStroke

The pro for the Winn jumbo putter grip will be the top-of-the-line technology that comes when playing with this manufacturer’s products. The con will be the fact that the grips are known to wear out quickly and suffer from lower durability ratings.

The cons for the SuperStroke may seem simple and quickly looked over, but the grips do not fit with most traditional standard golf bags, which to some is unacceptable.

The pros are going to be their work, providing a confident, comfortable grip for those golfers utilizing the innovative new products.


Price Range: Winn jumbo putter grip vs. SuperStroke

Both of these grips are going to be relatively inexpensive, and both come in well below the half-century mark in price. The Winn jumbo putter grip will start around fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents, and single grips will reach about forty dollars max in most stores.

SuperStroke is right there, similar in pricing to Winn grips, in the fifteen dollars, with a few of the more expensive models reaching sixty-four dollars and ninety-five cents.

The most expensive being the SuperStroke Traxion putter Pistol GT Tour grips. There will be special edition grips out there that will tip these scales a bit but are a rarity.


Final Verdict: Winn jumbo putter grip vs. SuperStroke

If you had to choose between the two, your first thoughts would be how hard it is to choose against the legendary Winn company, which has expanded into the fishing industry, providing innovative options for the rods, both reel, and fly.

But, then again, a large number of golfers have decided to try and switch to the SuperStroke.

What can be a path to help ease your deciding woes will be to try out the OG polymer-base of Winn golf grips, then give the different textures of SuperStroke to compete with the tried and true Winn.

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