Are XPC Golf Clubs Any Good?

Last Updated on June 14th, 2023

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Greetings, golfer! If you’re a fan of the game and thinking about beginning to play, this is your one-stop for all of the information you need to get started. 

However, if you’re not one for heavy golf jargon and expert forums but are itching to hit the green, have no fear; the layman is welcome here. 

The topic we’re addressing today is that of the XPC line of clubs manufactured by Goldsmith. Are they good enough for a place in your bag? Absolutely. XPC clubs are top-of-the-line and will help you get well on your way to your next hole-in-one. 

Golf clubs in a bag - Are XPC Golf Clubs Any Good?

Are XPC Golf Clubs Any Good? 

XPC irons, formerly sold by the Golfsmith company, are a line of golf clubs that many golfers have used over the years. For a long time, at Golfsmith stores – which were located across the country- customers could build their very own custom golf clubs out of separate parts. 

Being Golfsmith’s own signature brand, XPC was the company’s very own elite brand and was available to be used when building one’s own club. Customers would craft their clubs using the best of each part, thereby crafting a club that would ensure their desired outcomes on the range. 

As a result, XPC clubs were and are used by many golfers on courses across America for the very reason that they have been assembled for the very purpose of success. 


Are XPC Golf Clubs Worth Buying? 

XPC golf clubs are a worthwhile investment. This is the case for the following two reasons: the hand-assembled quality of the clubs and the limited nature of the line. 

Golfsmith’s build-your-own feature has declined over the years, partially due to the rise in popularity of mass-manufactured brands such as TaylorMade, as well as equipment sponsored by celebrities such as Tiger Woods. 

To these ends, XPC clubs are not only built for quality and are the signature brand exclusive to Golfsmith but are also limited in quantity. The limited number of XPC clubs available make their purchase a worthwhile investment on the part of the golfer. 


Are XPC Golf Clubs Any Good When It Comes to Quality? 

XPC golf clubs, as previously mentioned in the above paragraph, were the signature brand of Golfsmith. Professional golfers even, at times, use XPC Blades, a more precision-made line. 

However, many golfers still use XPC clubs, which boast their enduring quality. Golfsmith is a reputable, quality supplier; therefore, golfers can trust them to deliver on their signature brand. 


Are XPC Golf Clubs Good for Beginners? 

XPC golf clubs were designed to help the golfer succeed at any point in their journey and were produced in a few different lines. 

The Blades, used most often by professional golfers, had a “sweet spot”- the area of the club’s face where the ball must be hit for maximized success- about the size of a dime. 

The Casts, used by the average golfer, were a bit easier to use and had a “sweet spot” more akin to the size of a half-dollar coin. As a result, these were much easier to use compared to the Blades. 

Finally, the Oversized collection by Golfsmith carried XPC clubs designed for the beginner. Because they featured a much larger “sweet spot,” these clubs were much better suited to the new golfer and made learning gameplay much easier. 


Are XPC Golf Clubs Overpriced?

The answer to this question of whether XPC clubs are overpriced depends on the individual golfer’s motivation and goals. For a beginning golfer looking for a quality set of clubs that would make practice simple, the Oversized collection would certainly be worth the price. 

For someone whose goals on the course can easily be met with a mass-produced TaylorMade iron, the XPC club may not be as much of a necessity and would not be worth a potentially higher price. 

In the game of golf, it is up to the individual golfer to perfect their swing and their collection of clubs. 


Final Thoughts on XPC Golf Clubs

Are XPC golf clubs any good? Are they worth your money? Are they going to help get you started on your golf education? The short answer— is yes. 

XPC’s custom clubs, designed by Golfsmith with quality in mind- and as their signature brand, have been trusted by golfers across the country for years and continue to be trusted today. 

So whether you are a seasoned pro or whether you’re still learning which end of the club goes up, XPC clubs are an excellent choice for you. 


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